Sunday, February 11, 2018

Discussion | Cleveland Cavaliers @ Boston Celtics, February 11, 2018 +Debut of new look Cavaliers

O / U is at 213; The NBA Finals = 213

Cavs can pick up 33rd win
Celtics can pick up 41st win

This game will feature the new look Cavaliers.

If someone wins with 102-points today, shoot me.

It is 117-days from the season opener (Ohio = 117) or a span of 118 (Celtics = 118).

It is 39-days from the January 3 match, or a span of 40-days.  (Celtics have 40 wins)

The date of the game connects to 'Boston' as well as 'Ohio'.

2/11/18 = 2+11+18 = 31 (Boston = 31) (Basketball = 31)
211, the 47th prime; Ohio = 47

If the Celtics win today, they'll get their 126th win in the regular season...

It reminds me that the Warriors closed out the NBA season last year on June 12, or 12/6, beating the Cavs and sending LeBron James to 3-5 in NBA Finals, after blowing out the Cavs by 35-points, 91-126 on Martin Luther King Jr. Day last year.

Don't forget last season was the 71st season of the NBA.

Here's the Cavs new starting lineup.

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