Monday, September 10, 2018

33 48 68 77 | Instant Analysis | Jets improve to 7-7 against Lions all-time, September 10, 2018, blowing out Lions in Detroit

With the Jets improving to 7-7 against the Lions on the eve of the 17-year anniversary of September 11, I can only think about one thing...

Don't forget Brady, of the Patriots, after the Patriots Act, was born in '77.

ESPN stopped covering the game with the Jets up 48 to 17 on MNF, switching over to Rams @ Raiders.  To start the Rams @ Raiders game, they're mentioning that new coaches this season are 0-6 on Week 1, and Gruden has a chance to make it 1-6.  *53, the 16th prime

The mandorla is the shape of the football, and a false flag is what happened on 9/11.

Joe Namath played in the first ever MNF Game.

Of course the entire 9/11 ritual goes back to 1968.

-Tonight, Darnold became the youngest starting QB in 68-years, going back to 1950.
-The Lions came into the game with no 100-yard-rushers in 68 consecutive games.

In 1968...

-911 made national emergency dialing code
-WTC construction began
-George W. Bush graduated from Yale & Skull and Bones
-Space Odyssey 2001 came out
-Jets won their only Super Bowl

Read about Sam Darnold's first career pass as a 'pick sick' for a 37-yard TD  here:

Also relevant, the Jets came into this game with 397 regular season wins:

397, the 78th prime; New York = 78

Sam Darnolid will be the talk of New York on September 11, the day leaving 111-days left in the Gregorian calendar year.

ALSO, on the date with 21 numerolgoy, the 21-year-old, Darnold, had 21-attempts.

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