Sunday, February 10, 2019

33 48 | Heavy focus on genitals +Glendale, Arizona man who was tasered by police in crotch

I'm not used to seeing so many articles about genitals in the headlines...


Notice they went to Glendale, on the 33rd Parallel, for one of the stories.

And then those JW initials...

Better yet, get a load of the name Johnny Wheatcroft.

 And then the next story...

88%?  I'm proud to say I'm part of the minority, even though I doubt that statistic.


  1. This is really interesting becuase we see the video. This is were honestly black magic becomes a possible tool they are using.

  2. Ron miller, former Disney CEO , Walt Disney son in law, dead at 85 on 2/9/2019

  3. its said they tazed him 11 times and it happened on july 27th..
    eleven = 27

  4. Patrick Kane scores 33rd goal of the season with 3:33 remaining in the 3rd

  5. I think the Gematria supports why Zach is proud to be in the Minority...Let's review:

    "Zach has a Little WeeWee"= 911 S <<<
    "Agenda at FTFT Blog Spot"=911
    "Communications with Q"==911
    "Two Thousand Nineteen"==911

    "Covert Gematria by Zachary K Hubbard"=333 <<<
    "Code of Three Three and Three Four's"= 333
    "Make America Great Again Agenda"=== 333
    "Hidden Gematria in Headline"=======333 , 444

    "Zachary K Hubbard Make America Great Again Operations"=444

    "Make America Great Again Operations"===911
    "Three Four's Agenda Signal Code"======911
    "Freemasonic Symbol"============= 911
    "Ordo Templi Orentis Agenda Code"=====911
    "Force Order on a Goy"=============911
    "Al Qaeda Terrorist Attack"========== 911

    "Follow the Agenda Along at a FreetoFindTruth Blog"===== 444
    "Coming Agenda to Citizens of the United States"=======444
    "Do What thou Wilt Shall be the Whole of the Law"=======444


  6. Idc bc they have to tell the truth and if they picked him so be it

  7. Wow! You put a lot of effort into making fun of Zach without contributing anything constructive.


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