Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thursday Night Football Preview, October 20, 2016, Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers

NFL Week 7 Decode:

Week Seven = 37/46/55/64/109

Teams on a bye this week are the Dallas Cowboys and Carolina Panthers:

The first game of Week 7 is Thursday Night Football, October 20, 2016

10/20/2016 = 10+20+20+16 = 66 (NFL = 66)
10/20/2016 = 10+20+(2+0+1+6) = 39
10/20/2016 = 1+0+2+0+2+0+1+6 = 12
10/20/16 = 10+20+16 = 46 (Chicago = 46) (Week Seven = 37/46) (Lambeau Field=46) (Packers=46)
(Chicago Cubs = 46)***

Notice the over / under at 46 
This will be the 191st regular season game between both teams, and 193rd all time.  193 is the 44th prime number, and this game is in Wisconsin, one of two states with a '44' gematria.

Wisconsin = 44; Georgia = 44

Notice the Bears lead the series in the regular season, 93-91-6, and including the playoffs, 94-92-6.

If the Bears earn their 94th win tonight, in a surprise upset, that might have World Series implications.  Remember, the Chicago Cubs won their 94th game this season in their 147th game total.  Ninety-Four = 57/147; World Series = 57/147

This games come 43-days before Rodgers birthday, or a span of 44-days.  '43' connects to this being the 191st game between the two teams in the regular season.

The opposing QB, had a birthday 7-days ago, last Thursday.

Green Bay = 41; 41, the 13th prime; this game 13-days after his birthday, in Green Bay

His name gematria reminds of a number the Packers have had recent success with.  See the 61-yard TD pass against the Lions and more.

Let us compare the QB records.

Aaron Rodgers has played 137-games all-time coming in.  137, the 33rd prime; G = 33

Rodgers is going for his 91st career win.

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13 = 91

Or his 48th career loss.  (Unlikely)

Should he win, this will be the 53rd home win of his career, or if not, his 16th loss.

In the regular season, he comes in with '83' wins.  Football = 83

His next will be 84.  United States of America = 84

Also, this could be his 50th home season win, or his 14th loss.  America = 50; USA = 14

Meanwhile, Brian Hoyer is looking for the 17th win of his career, or the 16th loss.

He has played in one post season game and lost.

Now the coaches.

Let us begin with Mike McCarthy of Green Bay.

The game comes 20-days before Mike McCarthy's November 10 birthday.  He will be 53-years old.

He is going for his 108th regular season win, the night the Chicago Cubs are playing in the NLCS, with an opportunity to go to the 'World Series'.  Notice he is sitting at his 57th loss.

The Cubs are trying to break a 108-year curse, not winning the World Series since 1908.  Also, the last time they were in a World Series, was 1945, emphasis on '45.

Today's game leaves 108-days until the Super Bowl, February 5, 2017.

Do you think McCarty is getting his 108th win?

If not, it will be a major tribute to Chicago, who again, hasn't been in a World Series since 1945.

For tonight's game, don't be surprised with a score of 18/27/54 involved.

If anything is in the Bears favor tonight, it is John Fox, the coach of the Bears.

This will be John Fox's 231st game; Hillary Rodham Clinton = 231
This will be his 23rd game coaching the Bears.  83, the 23rd prime.  Football = 83

He is going for his 8th win with the Bears, and his 127th win all-time, or his 16th loss with the Bears, and his 105th loss all-time.

The Bears would fall to 1-6 if Fox lost, something like '16', for his 16th loss, in 2016.

Sixteen = 33/42/96