Thursday, October 20, 2016

113 | Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton call each other puppets in third debate, October 19, 2016

Trump cagey about election results = 133
Government = 133; White House = 133; Las Vegas, Nevada = 133

It was reported a year ago Donald Trump was the 133rd richest man in the world.

Also, notice the black and white outfits.  Fitting, for a dishonest debate, in the mainstream, by two corporate puppets.


  1. I am ready for some electoral college fuckarooies. You know, the part of the election that makes total sense...

  2. Two Muppets calling each other puppets, what high comedy!

  3. Also, Las Vegas scrambled is Slave Gas. Seems fitting, doesn't it?

  4. Oct 20: New Rasmussen Poll and Gematria analysis by

  5. 239 days after the 2/23 76th anniversary of

    Pinocchio =92, 232J(Like its release date)