Thursday, October 20, 2016

57 94 147 | Focus on Cubs Rizzo, #44, in Cubs 10-2 win over Dodgers, Game 4, NLCS, October 19, 2016

1:47 is 107-seconds.  It has been 107-seasons since the Cubs won the World Series, 108-years.  That is because of the '94 lockout season, where the Indians finished with 113 wins.

World Series = 57/147
Ninety-Four = 57/147

The Cubs won their 94th game in their 147th total game this season.

The Indians, in the AL, waiting for the Cubs or Dodgers, won 94-games this season.  This season also began on the 94th day of the year.


  1. Rizzo was born on 8/8. Maybe the 88 connections tony is talking about is for the Cubs

  2. The Dodger's right fielder, #66 Yasiel Puig, is 9,449 days old today.

  3. I turned the game on in the 6th with a 6 run lead, puig 66 was double switched in and the announcers talking about Rizzo and baez hitting a homerun with the exact same bat....fucking corked I went to bed giggling

  4. Turner reached first base safely in 14 consecutive games. Safe to say he isn't going to touch first base tonight.

    1. Guess not! 15 straight post season games. Breaking Carl Furillo's 60 year old franchise record!

  5. Jon Kester 108 pitches in tonight's game.

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  7. I'm thinking the series could go 3-3 (33) Saturday, with a Dodgers win in game six.
    "Game six" = (33) / 42
    The Cubs could then win it on Sunday, John Lackey's birthday.
    If the Cubs lose on Sunday, it could be because John Lackey is turning 38 on that day (Death = 38)