Monday, October 3, 2016

13 15 16 33 38 | MNF Preview, New York Giants @ Minnesota Vikings, October 3, 2016 +Too close to call?

Home teams are 7-7 this week.  13, is the 7th prime number.  There were 13 games on Sunday.  MNF will be the 15th game of the week, fitting it is in Minnesota, at the new 'U.S. Bank Stadium'.

Week 1 Home Team Record:  7-9
Week 2 Home Team Record:  9-7
Week 3 Home Team Record:  9-7
Week 4 Home Team Record (prior to MNF):  7-7 *Green Bay, Philadelphia on bye week
Total Home Team Record = 32-30

If Minnesota were to win, it would be the 33rd home team win of the season, coming on MNF.

The 33rd win for a home team on MNF is interesting.... but....

If the 13-31 ritual is in effect for MNF, which it should be, because it seems that the ritual is all for the man in his 13th season, Eli Manning, the QB of the Giants, then the Giants should win in Minnesota tomorrow night.  Let's do the homework with that assumption in mind.

Keep in mind the date of the game is October 3, 2016.

10/3/2016 = 1+0+3+2+0+1+6 = 13

Notice right away the spread is -4.5 to Minnesota.  Thirteen = 45; Thirteen = 99

Eli Manning is currently at 99 career wins.  If he loses, perhaps this will be the '13' tribute', but still, I think the overall records of 3-1 are more significant, '31', the reflection of '13'.

New York = 39/48/111; Giants = 25/34/70
New York Giants = 64/73/82/181 (181, the 42nd Prime) (NYC = 42) (Giants won Super Bowl 42)

Minnesota = 38/47/110; Vikings = 37/46/55/91
Minnesota Vikings = 75/84/93/102/201

Notice that Vikings has gematria of '91'.  If you sum 1 through 13, it totals 91.  Thus the Vikings have '13' in their favor as well.

This will be the Giants and Vikings 25th regular season game all-time, and their 28th if you include their playoff match ups.  Giants = 25

The Minnesota Vikings lead the regular season 14-10, and the Giants lead the playoffs 2-1.  The total record is Vikings 15 wins, Giants 12.  In other words, the Giants are going for their 13th total win against the Vikings, in the weekend of '13' tributes.

As for it being their 25th regular season game, 97 is the 25th prime number, and this is the 97th season of the NFL.  The Vikings won Week 1 with 25-points.

It should also be acknowledged, if the Vikings win, they'll get their 15th win against the Giants in the regular season, and their 16th all-time, in the 2016 season.  That would be fitting to come in the new 'U.S. Bank Stadium'.

As for their sixteenth win all-time, that would tie in with 'MNF' as well.

Let us examine the starting QBs records.

This will be Eli Manning's 198th game including playoffs.

Notice Eli comes in with '197', that is the '45th' prime, connecting back to 'thirteen'.

If Eli Wins, he will earn his 56th road win.  '56' is a big number with Sam Bradford and his move to the Minnesota Vikings.  Sam Bradford = 47/56

If he loses, it will be his 91st loss, and when you sum 1 through 13, it totals 91.

This will be Sam Bradford's 66th game.  He is looking for his 28th win in the 28th game all-time between the Giants and Vikings, or his 38th loss.  Minnesota = 38; U.S. Bank Stadium = 38

Notice further that this will be Sam Bradford's 33rd home game as a starting QB.  33rd on MNF?  He has a chance to win his 16th game at home as well.

Let us also examine their regular season records of the two QBs.

Notice Eli has 99-wins in the regular season, again connecting to '13'.

If Eli wins, he will earn his 49th win on the road, if he loses he'll earn his 45th loss on the road.  Again, '45' connects to 'thirteen'.

With regards to '49', the date of the game factors in.

10/3/2016 = 10+3+20+16 = 49 (49 = 4+9 = 13)

Sam Bradford has never been to the playoffs, so his stats are the same as above.

Let us measure from the QBs birthdays to see if that sheds any light.

Eli is born January 3, written 1/3 or 3/1.

This game will be 92-days before Eli's birthday, in the Giants 92nd season.

Giants are in their 92nd season, but are 91 years old.  Again, when you sum 1 through 13, it totals 91.

It is also a total span of 93-days, and the game is in Minnesota, on the 93rd Meridian.  New Jersey just had the Hoboken train station crash on the day that leaves 93-days left in the year.  The last time that happened, May 8, 2011, the Giants went on to win the Super Bowl 39-weeks later, playing in Indianapolis, on the 39th Parallel.

Let us also examine Sam Bradford's birthday.

His birthday is November 8, election day.  From the game to his birthday is 36-days, or a total span of 37-days.  That isn't as interesting as Eli's 92 and 93.

Ben McAdoo = 36

The 5-weeks and 1-day is interesting however, in light of this being the year of Super Bowl 51, and the Giants trying to become 5-1 in Super Bowls.

Let us close out by examining the coaches of the teams.

Ben McAdoo (51), the rookie coach of the Giants, was born July 9, or 9/7, just in time for the 97th season of the NFL.

New York = 39; Empire = 39; NY = 39; 7/26/1788 = 7+2+6+1+7+8+8 = 39

7/9/1977 = 7+9+19+77 = 112 (Houston)
7/9/1977 = 7+9+1+9+7+7 = 40 (Houston)
7/9/77 = 7+9+77 = 93 (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
7/9 = 7+9 = 16 (Sixteen = 33)

This game will follow his 39th birthday by 86-days, or a total span of 87-days.

Eighty-Six = 54/63/126 (Game is a span of 126-days from Super Bowl)
Eighty-Seven = 58/67/139

He is a rookie coach so he will either be 2-2, or 3-1 by game's end.

The opposing coach is Mike Zimmer, who was born on the 156th day of the year.

'Thirty-Three' and 'Twenty-Eight' are the only numbers that sum to '156'.  Again, this is the 28th game between the Vikings and Giants all-time.

Kennedy = 33; Sirhan = 33; RFK shot on June 5
False Flag = 156; False Flag = 33 911, the 156th prime

6/5/1956 = 6+5+19+56 = 86
6/5/1956 = 6+5+1+9+5+6 = 32
6/5/56 = 6+5+56 = 67

This game comes 120-days after his birthday, or a total span of 121-days.

Revelation = 49/121 (Date has 49 numerology)

Mike Zimmer will be coaching for his 22nd win, or 15th loss in the regular season.  This will be his 36th game, fitting that it comes again Ben McAdoo.

If he earns his 15th loss, recall....

Fifteen = 38; Minnesota = 38; U.S. Bank Stadium = 38; Mike = 38

Let us now look at the MNF all-time records for final clues as to who this game is scripted for.

Notice the Giants come in with '57' games played, the 'Super Bowl' number.  They are playing for their 22nd win on MNF, or their 36th loss.

As for this being their '58th' game, again it has been '58' years since the 'Greatest Game Ever Played', which took place in 1958.

58 = 5+8 = 13

As for the Vikings, they come in with 56-games.  Sam Bradford = 56

They are playing for their 27th win, or their 31st loss.

For one last final clue, if this game has anything to do with the upcoming election, again, Sam Bradford is born on November 8, the election date this year.  The election is very New York centered this year with Trump and Hillary, and Sam Bradford is hosting the team from New York on primetime.  If the Vikings win, home teams will be 8-7 this week...

I don't know how much weight I would give that though.  If the Giants win, home teams will be 7-8, the reflection of 87, so possibly the same tribute.