Monday, October 3, 2016

13 26 33 39 14 41 91 106 111 | MNF, October 3, 2016, NYG 10 - MIN 24 +Beckham vs Rhodes & the NFC Championship in 111-days, January 22, 2017

Eight = 31/49; 10/3/2016 = 10+3+20+16 = 49; Denny Green, born in '49
The Vikings won by 14, and had their first TD drive go 41-yards in length.

The Vikings took Eli in his 13th season, on MNF, in the '13' ritual that was.

When you sum 1 through 13, it totals 91.  The Giants only TD drive was 91-yards.

Notice the Giants lost with '10', Eli's number.

You have to love Eli's 45 attempts.

Remember, the spread was -4.5 to the Vikings.

Notice Eli has 25-completions as well.

Sam completed '26', for a second tribute to 'Eli'.

The game finished on October 4, Greenwich Mean Time.  The Vikings had 104 rushing yards.  That connects to their '14' point win as well.

Notice the leader had 85-rushing yards.  Last year, his game was also by the numbers in primetime against the Giants.

The Vikings are 4-0 on the season, and 0-4 in Super Bowls.  If they go and win this year, they'll be 1-4.  It is very possible that if they make it, they advance over the Giants in the NFC Championship.

Odell Beckham Jr. had the worst game of his career, recording 23-yards.  He was the sacrifice apparently, in the 13 ritual, along with Eli, in his 13th season.

Again, Beckham is 23-years old, and tonight marked 33-days from his November 5 birthday, where he will turn 24, like the score the Vikings won with.

Remember, '33' is the big number on MNF.

The man guarding him was 26-year old, Xavier Rhodes.

Rhodes wears the #29.

10/3/16 = 10+3+16 = 29

Notice that from Rhodes birthday to the game was 106-days.

All night the MNF commentators were fixated on this matchup, between Beckham and Rhodes.

See how scripted the NFL is?  Remember, Eli began this season by earning his 106th win.

Now, how much you want to bet that Odell gets the last laugh?

The rematch in the NFC Championship is in 111-days.  The NFC Championship game will be January 22, 2017.

It is also a total span of 112-days.  Houston = 112

Speaking of '112', checkout the jersey swap before the game.

54+58 = 112 (Houston = 112

55+28 = 83 (Football = 29/83)

52-seconds?  Prophecy = 52/106

We'll see what happens in the next test.

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Let us also measure from Beckham's birthday to the NFC Championship and the Super Bowl.

It is 78-days to the NFC Championship, or a total span of 79-days.  Champion = 79

Notice the 11-weeks and 1-day as well.  New York = 111

From his birthday to the Super Bowl is 92-days.  Again, this is the Giants 92nd NFL season and Beckham is born in '92.

It is also a span of 93-days.  39 and 93 are the number attached to NY and NRG Stadium


  1. Giants are going to the Super Bowl. Have you seen what Odell Beckham said about going to the Super Bowl to some kids in NJ? On 51 date numerology?

    1. That 13 ain't working in his favor at all.

    2. Giants are playing possum right now

    3. Giants are a decoy..they arent going to repeat the 58 championship..and they arent going to let Eli go again ( they can do what ever they want but thats my view of past post season histories)they could have repeated SB one' last year but didnt... the Vikings make it to the playoffs every 2.7 years anyway..doesnt mean the SB

    4. Darius when Bridgewater went down weren't you saying the Falcons would be in the Super Bowl? Lol is that your team you grew up with?

    5. I MEANT Giants make it every 2.7 years

  2. In wwe theres always a guy synce up with the main event date and he pretty much always loses even in triple threat matches 2 are synced and the other guy wins..look at battleground main event

  3. I love the nfl vikings,eagles,broncos undefeated
    Raiders 3-1
    Jets,colts,Panthers 1-3
    Lets see what there reams records will be after week 11

    The nfl good at parity in getting fans hopes up

    1. Cowboys, rams, texans and ravens will all start to lose a lot.

    2. meh..the point now is to get everyone to go 9-7 to 7-9 and have people picking the wrong winners every one except a few will win or lose a lot.

    3. The problem is that people want to pick SB teams like its the NBA. Truthers have colts Giants. Vegas has Patriots and Seahawks
      Steelers and packers top four

      I can easily see a patriots vs Seahawks
      Steelers vs packers rematch because of recent history.
      Brady is still at his peek so I agree with Vegas.
      Steelers can also get to the big dance.
      Seahawks will pick up steam mid season
      Packers I have no confidence in

    4. Colts have the longest shot and Vikings could start hot then drop off they a parenial chokers like ATL sorry Darius.
      Giants are never a regular season team so they look normal at 2-2.

      Schedules are flipping now.. Tough games for the 3-1 teams and easy schedules for the 1-3 teams

    5. lol at Brady at his the real world 39 year old men do not succeed at sports..he's slow and his balls have no zip...the Pats arent getting near any SB this year..people are bored with the Pats nationally

  4. I learned a lot this week! Good stuff man! Watching this all unfold is pretty gnarly.

  5. same here. it was great, hope everyone enjoyed too. what can u say about zach that hasnt been said already. props for sharing what you do.

  6. keep seeing this 24-10 stuff around potential SB teams.

    tonight's score 24-10

    Pats outscored 24-10 after Garoppolo went down with his injury in close win.

    Colts/Broncos had score differential of 14.

    SB rematch/season opener set the '13' tone for the season with the sum of 41 points, reflection of the 14 point differential or 7+7 in football scoring for SB 50 and the matchups above.

  7. No one thinks the 106 in the Rhodes vs Beckham is intriguing? No appreciation for how they rig these Manchurian matchups.

    1. Outside of date numerology matchups, 106's and 52's are very exciting. Humbled a little this morning, went back over my notes. Still no smoking gun on what is more important to 'Them'. Is it which team wins? Probably not. Loses? Definitely thinking losses are more important, no real proof. It's the control, the constant mushroom stamping of the sheeple across their faces.

      I really enjoy how 106 days is 3 months and 14 days, pi in your face. Duck!

  8. The name Rhodes kept reminding me of Cecil Rhodes, that made me look, and...

    "Cecil john Rhodes" in the English Sumerian system equals 888

    "Xavier rhodes" in the English Sumerian system equals 888

  9. Even more interesting, I went back and looked at the play, and it looks as if he threw the ball from the 39-yard line and the return was to the 42-yard.

    The pass was 40 yards, the return was 39 yards to the 42 yard line. If I see that right, LOL. ( don't forget, the 50-yard line isn't count twice on the way back on the return)

    1. I'm trying to picture this. Where was the line of scrimmage? Are you new to football? You feel like the ref is helping the numbers, right?

    2. Before you try making me look stupid, Look at the play and it'll all make sense, hardly new to football. Do you realize that there are 2 of every line of scrimmage on the field? Watch the play before replying again please

  10. the 88 yards passing first half was really comical

  11. 67 yard pass Eli to Paul Perkins the future #1 back of the Giants very scripted life so far