Tuesday, October 4, 2016

52 | Joe Biden on Trump, October 4, 2016, 'He's not a bad man, but...'


Prophecy = 52; White House = 52

Masonic = 444; Jimmy Carter hostage crisis, 444-days

131, the 32nd prime number

Mason = 62; Torah = 62


  1. The baseball game starts at an odd time tonight 8:08 est like 88. Baltimore's pitchers born in 88 and he's from California which equals 88. He's also born on the 106th day of the year we all know what 106 equals

    1. There you go. Winner winner.
      Eli Manning's full name sums to 88/106 as well.

    2. Orioles pitcher's name is Tillman. Reminds me of football player Patrick Tillman that "died" after 9/11 in war.

    3. I was looking for that 88 connection. 88 full days left in the year. His birth year, of course? Now, look at this.
      Today's date is 10/4/16 = 30. Chris Tillman is #30.
      October Fourth in English Ordinal is 166.
      Chris Tillman's record is 16-6.
      If they lose with these numbers, what can you do?

  2. Tupac interview in 92 bringing up trump on yahoo today


    1. I love that interview...he was so right. People just don't get it...you don't just "earn" it...it's the system that allows for this inequality to exist. That doesn't make it ok. I hate money...it is inhumane in and of itself. Life is enough of a struggle without people starving because others think they should have everything and they somehow think they "earned" it. It's all bullshit. We are all humans...it's time to start acting like it.