Wednesday, October 28, 2015

119 | DABOO777's Video On the Norad Blimp

What a video length for a spy blimp.  You gotta' love DAHBOO777.

DAHBOO777 also has this video...


  1. Do you believe Dumbo777 is an agent/shill or is he just a sellout..??

    1. I think he is just an idiot. Just another person prancing around pretending to know it all and wanting worship over this "sacred" knowledge. give me a break man. Humble. That's a word most people should learn about.

    2. I've never seen a video where he is claiming to be all knowing or have superior knowledge over anyone. Always seems to me that he is just spreading the information that he receives.

    3. He is a professional TV 3.11 fear pornographer; he consistently implies that specific things are going to happen, always maintains a corny tone of faux-fear in his delivery and frequently trashes his entire channel when enough time has rendered his previous claims down to bullshit. Look at the age of his oldest video on YouTube. As far as I can tell his channel was never taken down by YouTube.. he deletes everything himself and uses stock images of error messages and takedown notices to convince people that he is 'under attack' ..

      The best bit is how he always rages about Jones 'stealing [his] material' when Duhboohoo himself has never broken a story. All he does is regurgitate other people's work through a fear-filled filter and profit from his multi-vectored clickbait.

  2. D7 had a choice to make. Sell-out or be Taken-out. Most of us would make the same decision he did.

    A once real Truther has fallen far from grace. His channel(s) are just for entertainment now.

  3. If anything they would be called light workers. You all have to remember that everything has a purpose. Just as MSM received all that power on 9/11 to control public perception, the alternative media (in this day and age) will receive that same amount of power.
    They will not only control the MSM perception but the alternative media perception aswell who will most likely have complete control of the "rebellious" side of the people. False rebellion I should say.
    Long term plan of building reputation in order to create mob rule (of a population that is willing to "fight the power"). Like creating little terrorists or atleast the perception of violent extremists in the country. This is what happens before a country goes through serious political and social change. Plausable cause


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