Friday, October 30, 2015

33 | Thirty-Third Pitch of Game 3, 111th World Series, Is A Wild One, Scores a Run...


Also, it should be noted that Noah has a connection to the 82nd World Series, which the Mets won in '86.

Noah = 5+6+1+8 = 20
Syndergaard = 1+7+5+4+5+9+7+1+1+9+4 = 53/62
Noah Syndergaard = 73/82 (Mets won 82nd World Series)


  1. I often wonder how they come up with their stats do quickly...
    Easy ta do it when ya know the script!
    Good work Zac as always.

    1. Me too! Before I knew about numerology, gematria and rigging by the numbers, I used to often ask myself, "Now how the hell did they know that so fast?" It is like they're sitting on stats.

  2. it is in the pre-game script. certain numbers or players to talk about that are highlighted for the day. How many times have you watched a pre-game show for any sport and they talk about player x having a big game and than he does. or look for player x to struggle today and than they do. It's all in the pre-game script


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