Wednesday, October 28, 2015

98 106 | I thought Eric Hosmer Had a Black Eye In World Series Game 1 (The Web Gem I Missed on My Birthday, July 21, 2015)

Did it look like Eric Hosmer had a black eye to you in Game One of the World Series, October 27, 2015?  All night it appeared that way to me and I don't remember it appearing that way before.  Thinking of all the fatherly deaths going on for the team (starting and closing pitcher +more), with the Game One heroes, I was thinking possibly Hosmer's sacrifice was a beating.  I also think he made that error on purpose at the end to get the game to help the time run to 5 hours and 9 minutes, for the new record (Kansas City Royals = 59).  Same goes for David Wright on the Mets with his later error. Each team had 11 hits and 1 error for the 111th World Series.  That opening "hit" to Cespedes should have been ruled an error as well, instead it was ruled an "in the park home run".

Anyhow, I was looking it up and trying to find any information on a black eye- I couldn't find anything.

I did find this however.  An article from July 21, 2015, about a boy, getting a black eye, while at a Royals Game.

Notice the boy is 10 and his name is Jacob.  J is the tenth letter.

Jacob = 1+1+3+6+2 = 13
Green = 7+9+5+5+5 = 31
Jacob Green = 44

Notice Jacbo was hit by a ball off the bat of Mike Moustakas, or MM, or 44.

Mike = 4+9+2+5 = 20
Moustakas = 4+6+3+1+2+1+2+1+1 = 21/39
Mike Moustakas = 41/59 (Kansas City Royals = 59)
MM = 44

Jacob = 10+1+3+15+2 = 31
Green = 7+18+5+5+14 = 49
Jacob Green = 80

He has a friend Stuart.  S is the nineteenth letter.  (S = 19 = 1+9 = 10 = 1+0 = 1)

Stuart = 1+2+3+1+9+2 = 18/27
Green = 7+9+5+5+5 = 31
Stuart Green = 49/58

Stuart = 19+20+21+1+18+2 = 81
Green = 7+18+5+5+14 = 49
Stuart Green = 130

There is also the sister Stephanie.  S, again, the nineteenth letter.  S = 19 = 10 = 1

The measuring dates are interesting, from July 21 to World Series, and from July 21 to possible Game 7 of World Series.  (Lupercalia = 98)  (Lupercia has been big in pro sports this year)

From the date of this article to a potential Game 7, is the magic number 106, which has been very important in baseball this year.  If the Kansas City Royals win the World Series, they surely will have received a "black eye" as a team for it.   (106) (Number of Prophecy, big number of season)


  1. It will also be their 106th win of the season if they win this world series.

  2. It will also be their 106th win of the season if they win this world series.


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