Saturday, October 31, 2015

39 93 | The Final Pitcher for the Kansas City Royals, Game 3, 111th World Series

You have to love that the last pitcher for the Royals, was 39, while the score was 3-9.

His name Gematria is great too.

Kris = 2+9+9+1 = 21/30
Medlen = 4+5+4+3+5+5 = 26
Kris Medlen = 47/56

Kris = 11+18+9+19 = 57 (World Series)
Medlen = 13+5+4+12+5+14 = 53
Kris Medlen = 110

What do you think they talked about here?

Kris, #39, would be struck with a comeback line drive.

David Wright knows it is all staged.  That is why he is so mild mannered.

You have to love that they brought in 'MLB' to close it out.

MLB = 13+12+2 = 27


  1. Alright, enough of this world series bullshit. A fucking plane just crashed and you're talking about baseball. 222 days since the Germanwings crash. On Halloween too.

  2. Cry about it, let him do his work. Its good shit no matter what its on


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