Tuesday, October 27, 2015

14 54 59 | KC Wins Game 1, 5-4 (Pitches Who Lost Dads Open and Close Game for KC)

The final was 5-4, a lot like 'baseball'.

Notice the time of 1:04...

Fourteen = 6+15+21+18+20+5+5+14 = 104 (Game 1 went 14 innings)

It should be noted that just before the game began, the graphic on ESPN.com's page was 1:04 long as well.

Here is the transcript from earlier in the day of the show.  Notice how Kelly Ripa talks about baseball games being 14 innings long, and notice how she also uses the number "102".  102 is a special number- it has relevance to September 11, the nation and more.

Notice that again, Hosmer is the hero, who just had a birthday on the date concluding the ALCS
Hosmer = 8+6+1+4+5+9 = 33/42
The epic game began with a purposeful error while #33 was pitching.

Epic = 5+16+9+3 = 33

The game last 5 hour 9 minutes and went in favor of the home team, Royals.

Again, the game started at 5:07 PST.

World Series = 5+6+9+3+4+1+5+9+9+5+1 = 57/66/75

228 Pitches Stands out, so do the rest of the stats

122 pitches for strikes?  Maybe so...

Both starting pitchers threw 53 strikes, an interesting note
It was only Volquez who had his dad die before the game...
The final pitcher for the Royals also had his father die recently....


  1. Kelly Ripa referenced long baseball games on her show this morning. In fact she specifically referenced going to a game and waking up the following day in the "14th inning".

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    1. September 11, 2001 = 14 (9+1+1+2+0+0+1) November 13, 2015 = 14. April 14, 1865 (Lincoln shot) to November 14, 2015 is 55,000 days.


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