Tuesday, October 27, 2015

YouTube Reverses Decision On Backup Channel

Good news!


  1. Wow! That IS good news -- somewhat akin to a Miracle, isn't it? Definitely a rarity ... Hey -- is this another one of those "bible of the future" moments? :D
    "And it came to pass in the days that followed, that the Great Council restored the platform upon which The Zachary had spoken ... A great and cheerful noise went up across the land -- rejoicing, as once again The Ether reverberated with The Words of The Zachary; The People could feel The Darkness cede it's dominion, and watched with wondrous awe as The Light too was restored -- brought forth by The Sound Of The Voice; And in the days that followed, The Wise Men joined with The People -- and Together they Listened, and Together they Understood The Message, and Together they Knew That It Was Good ... "
    Who knows? If you've seen the movie "Cloud Atlas", this'll make perfect sense! lol If you haven't -- make it a priority -- because it's YOUR story!! :D


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