Tuesday, October 27, 2015

33 113 | Yoenis Cespedes's Purposeful First Inning Error, Allowing In the Park Home Run, Game 1 of 111th World Series

The first pitch by Matt Harvey of the Mets went for an "In the park home run" because of a purposeful error by center fielder Yoenis Cespedes, who was traded to the Mets earlier this year.  The play was not recorded as an error, but it should have.  It was very clear that Cespedes could have caught the ball, but instead let it fall to the ground, bouncing off his leg, allowing the hitter to advance to home.  Instead of 1 pitch, 1 out, it was 1 pitch, 1 run...

Yoenis = 7+6+5+5+9+1 = 33/42
Cespedes = 3+5+1+7+5+4+5+1 = 31/49
Yoenis Cespedes = 64/91

Yoenis = 25+15+5+14+9+19 = 87
Cespedes = 3+5+19+16+5+4+5+19 = 76
Yoenies Cespedes = 163

10/18/1985 = 10+18+19+85 = 132
10/18/1985 = 10+18+(1+9+8+5) = 51
10/18/1985 = 1+0+1+8+1+9+8+5 = 33
10/18/85 = 10+18+85 = 113

The error favored KC, or 113... K=11; C=3


  1. okay...so what are you saying here..numerology aside..most of your shit is so open ended.. Like your pirates and Cubs prediction run offs

    1. I did call Mets from the get and documented it all season. I even documented when they acquired Cespedes. I am saying he was chosen for the error because he is a "special one" in the eyes of the Zionists who run this league. Also, don't look now, but the guy pitching for the Royals, Chris Young, like the starter, lost his father recently. Will they be the first and last to pitch in Game 1? Seems their dads died for their World Series fortunes. This is what it is to be a pro athlete in the zionist run and rigged leagues.

    2. The game was on, but I was not watching it. As soon as I heard the call, I knew that was probably misplayed on purpose. The replay was so ridiculous and transparent, it should prove without a doubt, that #52 was in on the fix.

  2. Right on man, your work on the mets no one can deny. Keep it up. I'm horrible on numerogly but I believe in your work and I don't read blogs except yours, but you have opened my eyes like no one has before so keep it going

  3. So are the Mets going to win the series?


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