Thursday, October 29, 2015

33 137 228 | Waco Biker Gang Shooting of May 17 Released

Watch carefully...

Remember, 137 is the 33rd Prime Number.

This video is released 165-days after the fact.


  1. I agree all sport is fixed. You should check out F1. The driver numbers are v masonic 11, 22, 44. Lewis Hamilton has number 44. He has just become world champion for the 3rd time. Next race is 1/11/2015 (UK date order). Lewis Hamilton's full name has gematria 111 and the race is in Mexico on the day of the dead. His hero is Ayrton Senna killed in an F1 race. He's also been posing with wrestlers (fake punches suggestive of hoax) and was quoted in a recent article as saying he's partied this year like it was his last year. I think you can see where this looks to be going.

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