Thursday, July 7, 2016

38 41 44 64 74 93 122 163 | Mark Dayton, Minnesota Governor and the Philando Castile shooting hoa

What pops out right away is the Governor of Minnesota's birthday, '126', a hot number in terror and tragedy.

1/26/1947 = 1+26+19+47 = 93 (Saturn) (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
1/26/1947 = 1+26+(1+9+4+7) = 48 (Propaganda) (Hoax) (Illuminati) (Hollywood)
1/26/1947 = 1+2+6+1+9+4+7 = 30 (Saturn)
1/26/47 = 1+26+47 = 74 (Masonic)

 The Minnesota shooting comes 41-days after Louisiana's 'Blue Lives Matter'.

Freemason = 122 (Francis Bacon Method)

Those 'MD' initials also pop out.

M = 13 = 4
D = 4

Notice the span of 5-months 11-days, connecting to 'Saturn', like the Governor's d.o.b.

Also, 163 is the 38th prime number.


  1. The 5 months and 11 days is cute:

    "Saturn" = 511(Jewish) = "Secret Message"

    "Saturn" = 93(Ordinal) = "Propaganda"
    93 matches his birth numerology

    "Saturn" = 21 [7+7+7 = 21]
    21 * 6 = 126
    "One Two Six" = 144

    73 is the 21st Prime
    "Seven Three" = 121 = "Revelation"
    "Seventy Three" = 58 = "Freemasonry"

    185 days?
    "One Eight Five" = 71
    "Seventy One" = 144

    The 4440 Hours is a nice touch:
    "Masonic" = 74, 444, & 223

  2. France through to the final, 2-0.

    Portugal v France final, portugals odds are massive @ 15/8 to win the trophy.

    I've also concluded Roger Federer will win this years wimbledon based on the work i have done. Anyone who looks into the remaining 4 players year to date stats will see that Federer lines up well to take the tournament beating Murray in the final.

    Federers 15th win against murray as well.

    Fifteen = 38. Right before Portugal = 38 win the 15th European championships.

    Federer will go into the final 22-6. 226 = European Championship.

    Ronaldo will score his 62nd goal for country and break the record. Sixty two - 38.

    1. Sorry left out the most obvious connection. 191st day of the year. 191 is the 43rd prime

      Champion - 43
      Federer = 43

      Ronaldo won the champions league 43 days before the final.

    2. Do you have a lean towards Portugal winning in regulation, or penalty kicks?

    3. One ninety one = 65
      Fifteen = 65

    4. Roger Federer = 79
      Wimbledon = 97
      Federer = 43
      Wimbledon = 43
      He is currently 34
      He will turn 35 on 8/8 which is 4 weeks 3 days from the conclusion of Wimbledon

    5. Good spot.

      Federers 29th game of the year coming 29 days before his birthday.

      10+7 (2+0+1+6) = 26

      This will be Murray and Federers 26th match against each other, last wimbledon final they played federer won and that was 206 weeks ago. 26.

      Zach, i have not yet found out how to tell the way the game will be won. I believe the odds for portugal to win in normal time are 15/4 and To win anyway is 15/8.

      If your throwing money down 15/8 is a very good price. The narratives set for deschamps sacrifice. He goes into the game on 33 wins for france, a theme that has followed the losers of other nations this tournament.

      Im 98% sure Portugal win this, and will be back heavily again myself/

    6. Would be his 8th Wimbledon win

    7. Parlay of Federer and Portugal is looking damn good.

    8. Rigged its actually 4 weeks and 1 day from the final to his birthday.

      Still the 41 has been significant all year.

    9. I got a double on both @ 10/1 which ive backed well.

      Will back both heavily in singles as well, i've made lots over the past few weeks so can afford it. Anyone betting please remember to bet what you can afford to lose!

    10. My bad I thought it ended on the 7/9 and included the end date

    11. Jmontz how does Champion = 43 ?????

    12. Pythagorean or English Reduction

      Champion - 3+8+1+4+7+9+6+5 = 43 ER

      rather than Simple English

      Champion - 3+8+1+13+16+9+15+14 = 79 SE

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  4. You guys notice that the score today was the same score as the Paris bombings back on Friday 13 ? Both then and today France wins 2-0

    1. The guy that scored supposedly had a sister as a survivor of that night - oh also I believe ranaldo is in his 13th professional year as a player

    2. Number 7 scored both goals on 7/7
      7+7= 14
      Number 7 scored two goals
      7*2 = 14

    3. France did win their 13th game against Germany score 13 goals

    4. 14 is the reflection of 41.
      41 is the 13th Prime number

    5. Griezmanns sister was indeed an apparent survivor at the Bataclan, good spot.

      Ronaldos making his 133rd appearance for portugal in the final on a date with 33 numerology.

      43 days earlier he wins the champions league with real madrid on his 133rd appearance in europe club competitions.

      He's goes into the game with a joint record of 10 goals in european championships the records held with the great frenchman Michele Platini.

      Michele Platini - 131. Fitting for Ronaldo to perhaps break the record by scoring in a championship game. If he gets a goal it will be his 62nd. Sixty two - 38.

      Interestingly enough he would then also be on the same goals as the original Ronaldo the great Brazilian football player he scored 62 goals in his career as well before retiring.

      Not sure if anyone else has picked it up but they keep throwing the stat of how many free kicks ronaldos taken at european championships and is yet to score. Currently stands on 42 free kicks no goals.

      Wouldnt be at all surprised if the 43rd free kick brings his first goal from a set piece.

      43 - Champion
      July 10th 191st day of the year
      191 - 43rd prime.

      Free kick - 41...
      Lets see.

    6. Mike i believe he started his professional career with Lisbon at 16. Which would make it his 15th year.

      This being the 15th euros in france. 15th prime - 47. France = 47

      Federer beats Murray on the same day to get his fifteenth win against him.

      Fifteen - 38
      Portugal - 38

      Ronaldos the prince of Portugal.

      Prince - 38

  5. There's also a fake lynching of a black man at...
    "Piedmont Park " in the English Ordinal system equals 142
    "President Obama" in the English Ordinal system equals 142
    trending on twitter

  6. Jmontz can you explain "43 - Champion"

    1. Nm I figured it out . Champion equals 43 with English Reduction

  7. Oh snap, if Portugal wins, France would be 9-1-1 in their last 11 games total record 9 wins , 1
    Loss, 1 tie

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  9. hahaha bye bye federer,
    Btw Ronaldo's scored 9 European championship goals not 10

  10. Im starting to think Jmontz is giving out these picks wrong purposely now?

    Very confused with Wimbledon now

    1. Gary the numbers guy also had Federer as the pick today. Numerology favored Federer, missed out on a nice Raonic upset bet oh well

    2. Yea I backed away from fed today -

  11. ahahah sorry but I'm laughing so hard. I had Raonic ;)

    1. Backing him again in Final?

    2. Its his first final, Murray will be heavily backed...
      Don't need any numbers on this to know Roanic has a good shot

  12. Have to think about it. But honestly I don't see someone as serious as Murray loosing against Raonic. Plus Raonic struggled against Goffin (3-2) and Federer (3-2) and even against Querrey a little bit (3-1), and Murray is way better than these guys. I don't forget that Murray just loose a final in Paris. Do you think he's going to loose a second final on a row? But everything is possible because bookmakers like to make money on these supposedly "easy" games. It's all rigged we can't forget that point.

    1. Didn't Querrey shock Djokovic then lose the next match?
      Ireland beat Italy to progress the euro's group.. Then lost to France,
      Iceland shocked England then lost to France,
      Wales shocked Belgium then lost to Portugal..
      Raonic shocked federer then .....


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