Tuesday, June 14, 2016

13 33 41 47 52 53 74 92 123 188 | Monsters, Inc. a monumental mocking of the truth (November 2, 2001 Movie)

This movie is about needlessly scaring people and has many parallels to religion.  I don't think the length of the film is a coincidence.

7-weeks, 4-days... '74'

The 92-minutes is likely a tribute to 'fear'.

If you have never seen this movie (I hadn't until yesterday), it is about how 'monsters' need the "screams" or "energy" of children to survive.  The word 'Monsters' has gematria of '33' and '123'.  Notice this movie released 1-month and 23-days after September 11.

Monsters synchs up with 'conspiracy'.

It is interesting that they chose John Goodman to play the main character of Monsters, Inc.

John = 1+6+8+5 = 20
Goodman = 7+6+6+4+4+1+5 = 33 (Monsters)
John Goodman = 53 (Span of days from September 11 to movie release) (Religion = 53)

The name Billy Crystal also fits the picture, Goodman's co-star.

The name of the movie directly connects to 'America', a land ruled by people who are constantly trying to put fear into the populace, just like the premise of 'Monsters, Inc'.

The child in the movie who represents the populace of America was also given a fitting name, 'Boo'.

The name also connects to a famous character from the Bible.

The character is voice acted by a woman with 'Freemason' gematria.

Freemason = 42/96

The meanest character, Randall Boggs, the one 'Boo' fears, is played by Steve Buscemi, a name with 'kill' gematria.  '44' is often coded into propaganda meant to scare Americans (Westerners).

His character name is Randall Boggs, which connects to the release date of the movie.

The small way, the name sums to '49' like Revelation, and '58' like Freemasonry.

In the end, Randall Boggs and the boss of Monsters, Inc., Mr. Waternoose, attempt to revolutionize how they scare children.  Both of these names have important Revelation connections.  Keep in mind 'The Key of David' sums to 135, an important thing in bringing about prophecy.

Mr. Waternoose is played by actor James Coburn, a name also connecting to 'Revelation'.

Again, in the end, Randall Boggs becomes Mr. Waternoose's main guy.

Throughout the film, the logo with the 'M' for 'Monsters' and the 'All Seeing Eye' is shown again and again.  Keep in mind that M is the 'Thirteenth' letter, a number symbolic of the Illuminati, who often uses the 'All Seeing Eye' symbolism.  Throughout the movie, you see many one eyed characters, including the character played by Billy Crystal.

There is a point to be made about 'M' and 'Monster'.

M = 13
Monster = 4+6+5+1/10+2+5+9 = 32/41 

This advertisement is also shown throughout the movie, 'We're Monsters, Inc.'  It connects to 'Masonic' and more.  Keep in mind the World Trade Centers were on the 74th Meridian.

Below is an image of the door handle to enter 'Monsters, Inc.'.  Notice the vesica piscis symbolism, also known as the 'Mandorla'.

In the workplace, you see that the Monsters are operating worldwide.  There is even a tribute to the Bavarian Illuminati in the scene, supposedly made up of '13' families, or 'M' families.

In the background, a tribute to an organization that was established with '13' families.

The Bavarian Illuminati was established May 1, 1776.

5/1/1776 = 5+1+17+76 = 99 (Thirteen = 99)

The movie even had a tribute to the California blackouts that went on up until the time of September 11, 2001.

United States of America = 102

Islamic Extremism = 102

In Simple English Gematria, 'al-Qaeda' connects back to '13' and the date of the attack.

9/11/2001 = 9+11+20+01 = 41

Also, 'Scream Shortage Looms', has gematria connecting to February 26, the date of the '93 WTC Bombing.  This film runs 92 minutes and 31 seconds, not far from '93'.

Soon after this scene, the viewer is shown Monsters, Inc. scaring the "eastern seaboard".  Checkout the time shown on the clock when this is going on...  hands on the 9 and 11.

Let us not forget who makes the movies (the Zionists) or the heavy emphasis in the film of the "all seeing eye".

September 11, commonly written 11/9.

Right after that scene, the man with the clipboard says, "We've lost 58 doors this month sir."  Doors are what they use to scare children.  When the children are not scared, they lose a "door".  And for the record, the word used most in the entire film is 'door'. 

The film released 52-days after September 11.

There is no doubt the door is a metaphor for the TV in the film, which is used to reach the masses, mostly to 'scare' them.  My advice is "close the door", or "turn off the TV", yes, even Comedy Central.

Shortly after this scene, a tribute is paid to '13'.

Scare Totals = 1+3+1+9+5+2+6+2+1+3+1 = 34/52 (Door = 52)

At the '19th' minute of the film, the Monsters get their first scare, when a sock from a child is found stuck to the fir of a fellow monster.  In the monster belief system, children are toxic.

Notice the 92 in the background, we covered how that connects to 'fear'.

The monster with the sock stuck to his fir had to be decontaminated and shaved.  Notice the '112' on the uniform.

Then a quick shot shows that it has been 47-days without incident, which is quickly set back to 0.  Recall, on 9/11, it was Building 7 of 47-floors, each 47,000 square feet.

Authority = 47
Obey = 47

The biggest tribute to September 11, 2001 in the movie is the phrase 'We scare because we care', the motto of Monsters, Inc.

You have to appreciate the Channel '13' reference.

On your money, the pyramid with the all seeing eye has 13-layers of bricks.

***Perhaps the '235' has always been with us.

And a '223' is never too far off.

In the end, the monsters discover it is better to make the children laugh than to scare them, because when they laugh, they produce even more helpful energy.  Funny how they acknowledge and mock the truth all at once.


  1. Cool Post!

    "Door" = 52 & 312(Jewish) and again we see
    "Three One Two" = 58 = Freemason
    "Doors" = 71
    "Seventy One" = 144 =
    "The Doors" = 41 & 104

    In the newspaper headlines "Scream Shortage Looms" = 226
    "Two Two Six" = 42 = Freemason

    1. 93 WTC Bombing was February 26, 1993.

    2. From the Newspaper Headlines:

      "'Stay Calm' Pleads Mayor" = 223

      "Monster Threat" = 1056(E) & 689(J)
      156 and 911 is the 156 the Prime.
      "Six Eight Nine" = 71(Reduction)
      "Seventy One" = 144

  2. If you add all them digits behind the 99s you get 31, the reflection on the other side of the comma.

    And trust me, they get plenty of laughter from the fear, it's just their own.

    Time to do the sequel?

    Monsters University---285, 1710, 2118

  3. This is awesome!
    It seems that losing all fear is the answer. They say it themselves everytime a kid is no longer scared a door closes.

  4. In a lot of these mass shootings there always seems to be one witness in early reports who claims that doors were being held shut. Interesting to think about in regards to this post.

    1. The door term was used in UCLA shooting as well

    2. Ah! I just got chills! Remember, they made a big deal about students having to tie the doors shut because they didn't lock?

    3. And on 911 I recall reading that the door to the stairs was locked. Not that I believe any one died on 911. I dont, just that that was put out there as propaganda. It's extremely effective. Because that does send a chill up most people's spine. It inspires a disgust Reaction because that would be a fucked up thing to do and no human would do that. I think most people behave pretty well and try to do the right thing. Most "bad" behavior comes from railing against a system designed to be as frustrating and retarded as possible. That's why they have to lie and pretend all these ridiculous things are happening because if they had to report the truth it would just be a lot of mundane boring snooze fest and people wouldn't be willing to support the military

  5. Dude nice. This was one of my favorite movies growing up. And these numbers are probably hidden all over movies, because that's the world we live in.

  6. From the Illuminati Card Game - "The Game of Conspiracy"

    "Illuminati: The Game of Conspiracy" = 143 & 310
    "Steve Jackson" = 144
    "enlightened" = 58 = Freemason

    From Steve Jackson Games
    "Munchkin" = 39 & 93
    "The World of Munchkins" = 93

  7. Anytime I'm seeing something in CAPS, I'm trying to remember to decode it for Bacon...
    "We're Monsters, INC" is 330(B)

  8. Wow, holy shit I hadn't even thought of monsters inc since I was a little kid. I was just watching Austin powers gold mrenember the other day though (awful movie.) In it Austin powers travels back in time to 1975 to bring beyonce 's characters to 2002. At exactly 33 minutes into the film austin warns beyonce that the world is a much different place in 2002...

  9. "Monstropolis Horn"
    292(B)/274(B,s) both sum to 13
    112(B) reduced alt "911", 85(B) reduced again
    1440(Eng Gem) looks like "44" on steroids/153 (EG) reduced like LORD(B), 108 (EG) reduced again like 18/81
    847(J) 7x11x11, 91(J) reduced 7x13
    240(EO) like 24/42, 105(EO) reduced like 51, 222(EO,s) Master Number
    87(P) more Fitzgerald Kennedy, President Jack Kennedy, President Barack H Obama, Truth, Justice

  10. This article is actually worth doing a YouTube video on

    1. I agree! This could be an excellent teaching study to suck people into gematria. When people have the idea their children are being exposed, it may make them want to pay more attention.

  11. I only watch TV for wildlife documentaries and comedy

  12. I have watched tv my whole life and basically I think it's been a good thing. It's good to study and know your enemy.
    Since they spy on and study me, I study them right back. Its been a good education. Now I understand how the culture manipulators work. How they seed ideas in the young and how u can lead a society by presenting ideas at the right time in the most appealing way for the kids who have been brought up in the system have been taught to like.
    Cultured just like bacteria strains in a Petri dish