Friday, March 31, 2017

25 33 70 133 | Trump University settles for $25 million, March 31, 2017, the perfect day for a 'settlement' +Pierre Charles L'Enfant, the man who built Washington D.C.

Today is March 31, or 3/31, a fitting date for a 'settlement' with the 'President'.

Today is 70-days since Inauguration Day, or Trump's 71st day.
3/31/2017 = 3+31+20+17 = 71

SS?  Simpson?  Simpson = 33

ALSO, with regards to today being March 31, or 3/31, the man who designed Washington D.C., the French born Freemason, had name Gematria of '331', and he died June 14, which is the same day  for the birthday of the U.S. Flag and Donald Trump.

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