Monday, March 27, 2017

33 43 223 | Goats, Saturn and Freemasons +The Cubs' Curse of the Billy Goat & George W. Bush, the 43rd President +Samael & Azazel +Scapegoat

Goat riding is a common part of Masonic initiation.

Remember the Curse of the Billy Goat, which ended for the Cubs in 2016?

The word 'Goat' also has Gematria of '43', like 'Masonic', reminding of the 43rd President, the Skull and Bones member, from Yale.

George W. Bush liked baseball.

The initiation ritual is commonly referred to as 'Riding the goat'.

Riding the Goat even connects to '33'.

The Goat is related to Saturn and Satan.  Think about how George W. Bush was 55-years-old when he became President.  Satan = 55

Saturn is the only planet that rules two astrological signs, Capricorn, and for the ancients, Aquarius.  Remember when Donald Trump's "very Saturn" Presidential campaign came near its conclusion with Melania giving the big Age of Aquarius tribute?  Check it out, it's on the blog.

When you study Saturn, you find it has much to do with 'authority'.  Saturn rules Capricorn in modern times.


This reminds me of the 39,000 SQ FT goat on the Hoover Dam a few years back.

Notice the '33' Gematria of Scapegoat.

33, number of sacrifice.  Goat rituals?

Remember that story about the man on the Freeway sign from October of 2015?  Go back if you don't... lots of 'goat' in that story.  It was connected to Manning's scripted Super Bowl...

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