Sunday, March 26, 2017

42 79 83 84 142 | Gonzaga defeats Xavier 83-59 to advance to Final 4, March 25, 2017 +Las

Basketball = 85

On the 84th day of the year, March 25, 2017, the Jesuit Gonzaga defeated the Jesuit Xavier.

Notice the sum of 142-points, 59+83.

 Gonzaga is in Washington, the 42nd state, named after the Freemason George Washington, who became a Freemason on August 4, or 8/4.

During this game, there was a shooting on a 'bus', shutting down the 'Las Vegas Strip', the sports gambling mecca.  After the game there was a shooting at a 'nightclub', in Cincinnati, where Xavier is from.

The man who died at the Nightclub in Cincinnati was named 'Spikes', matching Xavier.

Notice Xavier lost with 83-points.  This was the 79th year of the men's tournament.

From Mark Few's birthday to the championship is 98-days, or a span of 99-days.  The last time they played North Carolina, was 2009, in the tournament, and they lost 77-98.

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