Friday, March 31, 2017

46 64 66 71 111 113 | Mississippi State ends UConn Lady's basketball streak at 111-games +UConn losing in 'Dallas' +Dak Prescott

There is a major 'Dak Prescott' tribute here.

Super Bowl 53 will be the 49th Super Bowl of the modern era, in Atlanta.

I am quite certain Tom Brady will play in this Super Bowl at age 41, his fitting opponent to beat would be Dallas.  Square Root of 49 is 7

It is possible Tom Brady is to win Super Bowl 52 and 53, this year in Minnesota, and next year in Atlanta, winning 3-straight to finish his career.

Dallas = 13/49/*113
Super Bowl = 41/131 (41, the 13th prime)

M.W., Morgan William?

It was already April 1 where the master puppeteers reside when Morgan William hit the shot.

This was the date for the 'MSST' Bulldogs.

3/31/2017 = 3+31+20+17 = 71

Remember, '71' is the March Madness number.

So is 64.  The score was 64-64.

So is '46', connecting to Connecticut.

Mississippi State are known as the Bulldogs, like Gonzaga in the men's tournament.

ALSO, as I documented early in the college basketball season, it was pointed out that if UCONN won the national championship this year, 2017, it would be 113 straight wins.  They lost in the Final 4, two games short, in 'Dallas'.

For you sports gamblers, remember, some alignments are too perfect.

Speaking of Dallas, there is a major parallel with Mississippi State, Dak Prescott's old school, and the number '111'.

This big win, that is a tribute to him, comes 35-weeks after his 23rd birthday.

Super Bowl 52 on the 35th day of the year (35, the reflection of 53)
Tom Brady = 35; 8/3/1977 = 8+3+1+9+7+7 = 35 (Tom Brady's birthday numerology)

Perhaps Tom will beat Dak, then retire, the end of dynasty run, kind of like UConn losing to Mississippi State.

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