Monday, March 27, 2017

33 93 96 213 235 | Nimrod, the man who founded Babylon & taught his people 'hunting'

Black History Month = 213; Nigga = 213; Lots of dead black men by the '213' code

Nimrod, descendant of Cain, one of the earliest Freemasons, who founded Babylon.  He is known for teaching his people 'hunting'.

Freemasonry, 33?

Freemasonry, Saturn?  Square and Compass = 93

96?  Freemason = 96

Nimrod appears in Genesis 10:8.

Geometry = 108

Nimrod.... Freemason.... 23.5 degrees on the Compass...

Nimrod was responsible for the Tower of Babel, said to be the first Masonic construction undertaking.


The Tower of Babel has some Gematria too. It reminds me of America.

The meaning of the story of the Tower of Babel, is don't put arrogance over God.  OR, God will punish.

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