Thursday, March 30, 2017

33 41 85 89 131 161 | Fire collapses section of Atlanta's busiest highway, I-85, March 30, 2017 +Atlanta Falcons, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets & Atlanta Braves

I have to say, I have never heard of a fire collapsing a stretch of road.  I'm sure it has happened before, but this is the first time I can recall.

Today is March 30, and ATL is on the 33rd parallel.

3/30 = 3+30 = 33
ATL = 1+20+12 = 33

*33+51 = 84 (Jesuit = 84) (Arthur Blank has the birthday of the Jesuit Order)

As for it being I-85, that number connects to both Atlanta, Georgia and National Football League.  The Falcons just lost in Super Bowl 51, 53-days earlier, or a span of 54-days.  There are 53-men on an NFL roster, and 53 is also the 16th prime.  The Falcons went to the Super Bowl in the 2016-17 season.  They'll be hosting Super Bowl 53.

I would like to know how close this fire is to the new stadium.

Again, Atlanta will be hosting Super Bowl 53.

March 30 is the 89th day of the year, and '53' and '89' have a relationship through the word 'religion'.  What I know from experience, is these psychopathic rituals by the numbers, are a religion.

You might recall the Interstate NFL ritual from October of 2015, which foreshadowed the Denver Broncos would win the Super Bowl in 2016.  If you missed it, I have blog posts and videos showing just that going back to the time of the news.

Just last night on my radio show I was talking about the October 2015 goat ritual while dropping some new knowledge about goats and Freemasonry.

The word Fire also connects to Falcons.  Remember the 25 point comeback, in Tom Brady's 25th playoff win, and the AFC's 25th Super Bowl?

Notice the exit near the Interstate is Piedmont.

Freemason = 42/96
*39, big number on Super Bowl 51 (Super Bowl LI) (39-yr-old Tom Brady)

This fire also comes 161-days before the start of the 98th season of the NFL.  Again, today is the 89th day of the year.  The Falcons are opening a new stadium for the 98th season, but will anyone be able to get there with the traffic?

Phi = 1.61 (Golden Ratio)

Phi, the Golden Ratio is associated with the Fibonacci Sequence, and today, March 30, is also the 89th day of the year, the 11 Fibonacci Number.

Regarding 161, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets got beat good today in the NIT championship...

*Notice the total sum of 144-points.  Jesuit Order = 144; Trump = 88 (Trump, a Jesuit)
*TCU scored 38 in the first half.  Fire = 38

Also, at this moment, they're acting as if they have no idea what caused the fire.  A national news story about a fire, with no idea how it happened?  Yea...

ALSO, a wilder thought...

Remember the Atlanta Rise Up campaign for the Super Bowl?  That reminded us of a Phoenix rising from the ashes, did it not?  Next year will be the 98th season of the NFL.  The only bird Tom Brady hasn't beat is a Cardinal (in terms of NFL birds).  Perhaps Tom Brady will play the Cardinals in Atlanta, Super Bowl 53.  We know the city of Phoenix is known for hot pavement.  So it Hotlanta.

Tom Brady = 98; Patriots = 98 (Reverse)


This could be a clue for the 113th World Series.  Could the Atlanta Braves be in for a historic and surprising season?

This incident came on the 89th day of the year, March 30.


I noticed how this incident came a span of 119-days from the Oakland fire, which was related to the Warriors, Cavs and Chicago Bulls, and the Chicago fire.  Would you believe on the date of this Atlanta fire, the Cavs were again playing the Bulls?  Remember, the Chicago Fire was set on purpose.  Go back and see my work on the Oakland fire and Chicago fire.

Post on Cavs and Bulls and the two fires:

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