Wednesday, March 29, 2017

33 47 | Chakras & Hinduism in regards to spirituality overlap & Gematria overlap +Tree of Life parallels

As you read about the Chakras, you can't help but see the overlap with the Kabbalah.

Notice the 47 Gematria for 'Chakras'.

7, the 4th prime
7 Chakras

Chakras are very relevant to Hinduism.

Notice Hinduism also has the '47' connection, like 'Christian'.

'47', the number for 'time'.

Notice also the '42' Gematria.  We know about the significance of '42'.

Chakra also has the '33' connection, something I was fascinated by in 2014.

Chakras are also relevant to Buddhism, which has much '33' symbolism, like Christianity and other spiritualities.

At the end of the day, all things come back to us.  '33' vertebrae in our backs.

People = 33; Person = 33; Society = 33; Order = 33

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