Wednesday, March 29, 2017

33 42 48 113 666 | March 28, 2017, Congress votes to allow ISP's to sell your internet browsing history (So what else is new?)

Consider Mark Zuckerberg goes around with the Star of David on the inside of his hoodie:

Facebook's secret company motto...
555 foot tall Washington Monument?  Pentagon and 5...

The Star of David is also the Seal of Solomon.

Mark Zuckerberg has the same birthday as Israel's Independence Day.

Masonry = 84; Zionism = 84; United States of America = 84

Recall, Facebook was funded with CIA / federal money:

Facebook was created after September 11, 2001, when the instrument of the police state, the camera phone had been introduced to the general public.  Remember, 1968 was the year the 9-1-1 agenda went into place, and recall further, September 11 was a tribute to Solomon's Temple.

As for the 'camera' and 'facebook'.

Remember the 322-page Net Neutrality Bill?

Today is the 88th day of the year, March 29, 2017, a big day for 'Trump'.

It is also the right date for 'internet' and 'computer' news.  Today has a life lesson number of '42'.

3/29/2017 = 3+29+(2+0+1+7) = 42

'Online' has the '33' Gematria.

For a little "theory", I think the internet was constructed with the intention of controlling humanity through an artificial "nervous" system.

Notice vertebrae has Gematria of '42', like internet and computer.

Freemason = 42/147; Vertebrae = 42/147; Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy... 42/147...

We people have '33' vertebrae in our backs.

On March 28, 2017, the 87th day of the year, the media / government put what they've always been doing in front of the faces of the masses.  They've always been selling everyone's data to the highest bidder.  Now they're just letting it be known.  Call it cultural training, the technique to get people to accept bullshit.  Also, now that it is totally legal, it will probably become even more rampant.  The internet has always been "their" territory, it is the creation of the Government.

March 28, 2017 was a fitting date for 'internet' related news.

3/28/17 = 3+28+17 = 48

When you use the Sumerian Method, it is 6 x Ordinal, or in this case, 6 x 111.  666

Computer = 666; Internet = 666

Remember, Apple priced it's first computer at $666:

I see a '235'.

Congress = 100 (Ordinal)

Also, an interesting '113' for the list.  'For Sale' = 113

When you realize how economies are purposefully made to steer people into poor life choices, the '113' coding is interesting.  Then again, not all sales have to be dishonest, and they aren't.

Golden Rule = 113

Here's another '113' that has both good and bad associations.

Apocalypse = 113

That can mean to have a moment of clarity, or something different and more devastating.

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