Sunday, July 23, 2017

23 33 47 74 83 223 | Jordan Spieth defeats Matt Kuchar at The Open, July 23, 2017 (Last tournament as 23-year old for Spieth) +Death of Michael Jordan's father, July 23, 1993

Kuchar was the '33', or sacrifice for Spieth it appears.

Jordan, at 23, wins on the 23rd of July.  This is his last tournament as a 23-year old.  He turns 24 in 4-days.  The Open was the right one to wrap up the age for him.

Think about it,  JORDAN.... 23.

MJ = 13+10 = 23

24-years ago today, Michael Jordan's father died as well.

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As previewed, and discussed in years prior, Jordan Spieth's full name sums to 223.  Look at the name of the area of the course he just won The Open at,

Southport England = 223

Masonic = 74; Masonic = 223
PGA = 57; England = 57; Scottish Rite = 57; Moon = 57

218.  Zenith of the Alpha does a lot on this number.

The Open = 83; Royal Birkdale = 83
Mason = 62

Will we see Spieth become the great wonder in time, surpassing Tiger Woods?  Spieth's legacy is being created at the same time of the ultimate shaming of Tiger Woods.

You have to love his name is Jordan too.  Michael liked golf.