Wednesday, October 29, 2014

33 | GZA's 4th Chamber and Ebola Virus Lyrics

If you have not seen my video post on YouTube pertaining to the Wu Tang Clan, please watch just below.  After doing so, checkout these lyrics from said group. I appreciate the use of Ebola, and the mention of the number 144,000 and also the mention of "6-million".  If you're not familiar with these numbers, you have some reading to do.  It has me wondering, will we soon read of 6-million dead from Ebola as we once read about 6-million dead from Nazis?


  1. the 2 most famous Wu members 'Method Man AND Redman' sums to 77 when you do both their names together with the 'and'. Also, the song that gives me chills every time I hear it by Method Man and Mary J Blige "you're all I need to get by" sums to 96.

  2. If you go and try to sum 'method man' to see for yourself, try not to get the song stuck in your head! Lol... m-e-t-h-o-d.. mannn

  3. Method Man and Redman are buddies, but Redman is not in the Wu-Tang Clan. That's a good catch on the song title.

  4. Oh yea. you're right about Redman. I should have known that. I did the gematria on 'liquid swords' just to see and came out to 62.

  5. "ebola virus under the reign of King Cyrus"
    Cyrus the Great- last king of Babylon.
    We're living under the coinciding reigns of Barack Obama & Miley Cyrus. (here in the United States- known in Bible prophecy as Babylon the Great).
    HOPE- Obama's buzzword as 44th president.
    Destiny Hope Cyrus- Miley's birth name, Hope=44.
    We're living under the predominant reign of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in USA.
    Last King of Scotland- movie about Idi Amin Dada (African dictator from Uganda)
    The Dictator- movie released in Obama's term about a dictator from Horn of Africa.
    Sacha- name of man who made The Dictator.
    Sasha Obama- half of the Obama daughters. (Sasha & Malia- S&M,[Slave&Master])
    Kenya- Obama's likely birthplace with 44m population, located right between Horn of Africa & Uganda.
    & back to GZA: WU- equals 44 in gematria. Linking Obama & Cyrus again- Wu-Tang sacrifice ODB was called Osiris.
    Listen to the Wu's hidden song WU WORLD ORDER.
    There's countless more connections. I see symbols more than numbers but it takes all kinds.

  6. These are excellent connections Rup, I will checkout the song, much appreciated!

  7. Wu-Tang codes numerology in their music and album release dates. Look at the track numbers on 36 Chambers and Liquid Swords: 7th Chamber is the 4th track on 36 Chambers and 4th Chamber is the 7th track on Liquid Swords.

    I also discovered that the release of The 36 chambers, which came out in '93 is synched up with Kurt Cobain's death.

    -The 36 Chambers was released 49 days after the release of Nirvana's last studio album, In Utero. 'Revelation' and 'Third Eye' sum to 49 under Pythagorean gematria.

    -The 36 Chambers was released (49×3) or 147 days before Kurt Cobain's death.


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