Thursday, October 30, 2014

33 42 | Reminder The 'Quarantine' Nurse is 33-Years Old

Not only is the nurse 33-years old, her name in Gematria sums to the numerology of the date her story emerged from our very honest and informative mainstream media.

In this story, the Governor of Maine, Paul LePage, is joining a cast of characters now including Agent 33, Chris Christie, of the third state New Jersey.
  • Maine = 13+1+9+14+5 = 42
  • Paul LePage = 7+1+3+3+3+5+7+1+7+5 = 42


  1. Zach check this out Hoover Dam info.

  2. Benz = 2+5+14+26 = 47

    Thank you Craig Walker, he and I are thinking along the same lines.

  3. I drive a BMW my wife drives a Benz?

  4. The person in the video pointed out how the Benz symbol was on top of Super Bowl 47, I just added an observation. That said, you and your wife are doing alright!

  5. BMW 318is and Mercedes Benz 300e 4 matic.. You think they the elite allow us to drive these cars? I am sure that bmw and benz have some interesting numbers going on being they are made in Germany and have roots going back to hitler?


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