Thursday, October 30, 2014

66 | San Francisco World Series Earthquake Conspiracy, 66-Days Later

Oh my goodness, say it isn't so.  A 6.0 earthquake hit San Francisco 66-days before they won the World Series in 2014; and we're talking about the team that suffered through the '89 World Series Quake against the Oakland Athletics from across the Bay.
  • World = 5+6+9+3+4 = 27
  • Series = 10+5+9+9+5+1 = 39
  • World Series = 27+39 = 66
One more connection to 66:  The city of San Francisco gave birth to the Church of Satan in the year '66; same year the NFL came to be.

Also, the numerology of the day had much to do with "Bochy", the manger of the Giants.
  • 10/29/14 = 10+29+14 = 53
  • Bochy = 2+15+3+8+25 = 53
Further, three of the four most winning World Series teams originate from New York; Giants; Yankees; Dodgers.  It should be noted that New York is the eleventh state.
  • 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11 = 66
  • See the connection between 11 and 66?
Perhaps all of the coded "39" in New York also makes it a fitting state for winning the World "Series".  (Recall 'Series' sums to 39)
  • NY = 14+25 = 39
  • New York = 5+5+5+7+6+9+2 = 39
  • Empire = 5+4+7+9+9+5 = 39
  • The United Nations are 39-Floors Tall
  • New York was established July 27, 1788
    • 7/26/1788 = 7+2+6+1+7+8+8 = 39
    • 7/26/88 = 7+26+88 = 121
    • 7/26 = 7+26 = 33


  1. Zachary my friend, you cost me Big on your Kc world series prediction I owe the bookie 200 from that one! also bet your orioles president code 110 to beat Kc and lost 200 on that< also your 49ers to beat broncos! stop with your predictions bvased on numerology they don't work!!!!!!!!! But I will tell you to look up 1950s Illuminati spy captured story from wikileaks on google, the spy claims the Illuminati can predict the world series winner and score of every game before hand!! good read look it up. time travel is how not numerology I believe. keep up the fight my friend and NO the Colts aren't winning the superbowl>.... shawn

  2. Zach isn't a know it all and he's humble enough to admit it. I felt the same way as you..look how many he's getting wrong.. but you don't always see the amount of connections til afterwards.

  3. Recall from the beginning that I said the numerology connections did not seem as clear in baseball, and that is why I was looking at football. I applied what I knew to baseball to see what would happen and some things turned out, others did not. In this experience we now see that the World Series seems to be tied to the Hoover Dam and the San Francisco Earthquakes (very hard connections to make). My point in this research is to show the average American male how worthless professional sports truly are, and that we men need to find something better to do with our time. Just think about it, they're lining up the World Series with their manmade earthquake. Do you think that is a coincidence Shawn? PS You should know that I think gambling is a poor practice.

  4. It is u know but I guess I wanted to believe in numerology so bad I bet it!! Cost me that's for sure. Just watch the Illuminati written Simpson show they said the Giants in 7 on there twitter 3 weeks ago should of listened. Keep up your research it us interesting and I enjoy reading it.

  5. That Simpson's tip I did not know about, but I will investigate. Thank you for tip, and you're welcome Shawn. What I am showing still proves that numerology is what they'er going by. You just have to find what they're measuring from. Prior to the Giants winning, it did not dawn on me to measure the distance from the earthquake, but after they won, the thought came right away. You know what they say about hindsight...

  6. During the Giants and Cardinals series Bart said Giants in 7 on the twitter feed, I know how they work and immediately thought damn they are telling you the Giants are going to win the world series in 7! I was for sure remembering that during the game last night.

  7. Shawn, had you shared that in advance I would have looked for reasons the Giants were going to win. Next time you know what to do. I bet you would I have found it out quick too, because after they won I made the earthquake connection in a couple of hours.

  8. I just had to chime in real quick. I don't bet, but my brother does, so on Tuesday I pretty much guaranteed him that the Series was going to have a game 7. I had no idea, at that time, who needed to win for that to happen, but I told him to bet accordingly and that it would probably be a lopsided win. He chose not to bet, based on the rationale I gave for thinking it would happen.

    Last night he demanded that I pick the winner for him and I told him I was much less certain about this game than Tuesday's game, but I would look at everything and see what jumped out at me.

    There were so many 11's associated with this game that as soon as I saw that the Royals starting pitcher wore # 11 and the age of the starting pitchers was 35 and/+ 39 respectively, which equals 74 which equals 11, I said OK, if I were going to bet it, 11's seem to strongly favor the Royals so I would go with them.

    Well, he bet, he lost, he blamed me. LOL After watching a bit of the game and knowing the outcome, I came to the conclusion that regardless of who would have won, there was ample numerical evidence to support the decision to pick either team.

    In the end, the thought crossed my mind that perhaps having a team named the Giants, playing a team named the Royals, given all their esoteric references, going to a game 7, may have been the ultimate goal of the TPTB all along, and there may have been two endings in play, much like choosing the ending of a movie on a DVD.

    If the batters are delivering on their designated meatballs and a bunch of runs are scored early, the ending becomes 6 to 5 Royals. If these same pitches result in pop flies or ground outs, the script is switched to what it became and the numerology still fits.

    One thing is certain, on Tuesday night, there was only one script in play and all doubt was removed by the 2nd inning. :)

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  10. Spectator, I have been hypothesizing such things as well. I love the way you think and write brother. Tell your brother you'll win it back for him and more eventually.