Saturday, October 25, 2014

33 | Is the Marysville, Washington Shooting Hoax a Family Affair?

Don Hatch, eh?
  • Don = 4+15+14 = 33
Perhaps the Marysville shooting of October 24, 2014 is a "family affair", where one specific family was trained to execute this scripted event?  When you look at the details, it seems quite plausible.  The shooter is the son of a high ranking official of the local Native American Casino, where many patrons of Seattle visit on a daily basis.  Perhaps for him to maintain his status, he had to submit this family for this "event"?  It reminds of Sandy Hook where Adam Lanza's father was a hire up at the one of the nation's largest companies, General Electric.
  • Family = 6+1+13+9+12+25 = 66
To see what I'm talking about, please read the full article courtesy of CNN, where the shooter targeted his cousins.


  1. Zach,
    Whenever I begin to do some of my own research into an event, I will watch the news and when I see that a particular event is about to be reported on, I will mute the TV and watch the video closely. Sometimes, but not always, early in the news cycle for a particular event they will deliberately put an image in the video that jumps out at you when there is no commentary to cloud your judgement.

    I think today's reporting on the Marysville shooting was one of those times. As I watched the video with no sound, I see what looks like a flat roof with MPHS written in large, bold red, capital letters. It was as if I was supposed to see it. My immediate thought was why would lettering like that be on top of a roof where it could only be viewed from a high vantage point, then I thought perhaps there is a high vantage point near there that I am not aware of, but there was no mistaking that it was intended to be one of the focal points of that particular clip.

    Moving along, I then clicked on my new best friend, the Gematria calculator, and entered the letters MPHS. I can't say that I was overly surprised to see the different gematria numbers that popped up. The Jewish gematria was 188, English was 336 and the simple gematria was 56.

    What did surprise me was when I looked at the word associations to those particular numbers. In no particular order, there was Oscar, Comet, Wolf, Isis, Fever, Attack and Shock. There were others words with this same gematria that were quite interesting, but the words that I just listed have been major parts of the last weeks news cycle. In fact, Zach and I actually corresponded about Comet Siding Spring and the gematria of Oscar when he posted about the death of Oscar De La Renta earlier this week.

    Maybe this is all one big coincidence, but there sure have been a lot of them lately.

    It's getting late in my time zone so I think I am going to chill out on the couch with my eyes closed and listen to Zachary in action on K J's Rigged Reality Radio program. Good night all. :)

  2. Spectator, I doubt any of that is coincidence. You are seeing the types of patterns I have written about and discussed here and on my video blog. I truly do think they all tie together. Very good research friend.


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