Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Free to Find Truth, You are One! (Reflection on a Year of Blogging Conspiracy)

A year ago today I became possessed and decided to start this blog.  Possessed truly is the right word.  At the time I felt as though I had to write what I wrote and since that day it has been a year of magical findings and "coincidences".  It is quite possible that had I ignored the urge of that day, none of this would have happened.

The end of the very first post I wrote for this blog, the longest post to date, ends with a warning to those in the Carolinas and northeast region.  In that post I speculate that the powers that be have something awful planned for the eastern seaboard region that will kill many, and cause westward migration.  Three-hundred-and-sixty-five days after writing that post, the Northeast region receives their first confirmed case of Ebola, from a 33-year old doctor, the number I focus on most of all in that same first post.  In the many posts I have written since, I have theorized that the elites will kill us with disease or "natural disasters", so that it will be nearly impossible to trace the responsibility of the disaster to.  They might even pair such an epidemic with a massive power outage.

With all sincerity, I do think I am honestly possessed and have been for the last year by a higher power.  I think the words I am writing are not even from me, I'm just a vessel for the real author.  Please take the time to read my first post.  In that post I do not speak of Gematria, because I did not know what Gematria was yet.  What I did call attention to is the fact that for a century, books and other fiction has been created that foreshadows terrible tragedy, and then eventually becomes real, such as Futility, Wreck of the Titan, written 14-years before the actual Titanic sunk; or The Final Jihad, about a "Tom McVey" who blows up an Oklahoma City Building before planes are later flown into the World Trade Centers, not to be confused with Tim McVey who did the exact same thing regarding the Oklahoma City Building.  Of course he was put to death by the state at the age of "33".

That said, at the time of the first post I did not catch the book written in 1997, Absolute Zero, about an African Man bringing Ebola to Dallas where it causes a viral outbreak.  I also did not catch the 1998 episode of the X-Files where the same thing happens with an African man in Dallas.  In the X-Files, it is the "Hanta" Virus.
  • Hanta = 8+1+5+2+1 = 17
  • Ebola = 5+2+6+3+1 = 17
  • It has been 17-year since Absolute Zero was written
For those who read my blog, I would encourage you to go back to the beginning and scan through the first two months worth of posts.  It might be fun to see where this started and where it has come to.  For the most part, this blog has only made the people who are close to me more distant, but in the long run, I hope it brings much more truth to the world.  Thank you for reading, I appreciate your attention and feedback, cheers!

One Year's Worth of Views


  1. My hat is off to you dear sir. I respect your work and I find you to be very courageous. I have a book for you to read that maybe of some value to you. It is not for public eyes so I would need your email if you are interested. I have some very valuable information for you as well. I can't talk so much over these post because it will be deleted by the time you get to them.

    Red or green pill. Your choice. But it appears to me that you have already chosen.

    Good day sir. Congratulations.

  2. Shinobi, my email is

    Thank you very much, my fellow good sir. =)

  3. Congrats on one year! You do a great job of analyzing and predicting the moves made by the secret elite. No doubt this is a one of a kind gem in the world of the web.

  4. Happy Birthday FTFT and Happy Anniversary to the both of you Zach. Hopefully you are not possessed Zach, a spirit guide sounds much tamer, how about we roll with that. LOL

    The reason I state the above is that if it is possible for "you" to be possessed unwillingly, then it would be possible for that to have happened to "me" also and I prefer to think I have had a spirit guide enter my life, beginning last January or February. :)

    I have been inundated with thoughts and ideas so overwhelmingly strong that I had to start writing everything down because they seemed too important to be a fleeting thought.

    On top of that, I started seeing numbers and patterns of numbers so often, that I thought something was wrong with me. It has reached the point that it has become part of my being. I literally couldn't and still can't turn it off, so after about a month of mildly freaking out, I came to embrace it as a sign and now I wear it on my sleeve and don't fear speaking openly about it, regardless of how crazy a person might think I sound.

    I literally have 4 or 5 notebooks that I write in. I keep one at home, one in my truck and another at work among other places. When I only had one notebook, I would get upset when something would spur a thought that I felt compelled to write down and there would be no notebook, so I would write the gist of my thought on an envelope or a piece of cardboard, etc. The next thing you know I have small stacks of these things everywhere, so I knew if I didn't get more notebooks, most of this would be lost.

    Where it gets real crazy is when I actually have the time to sit down and consolidate everything. I occasionally read some of the stuff I wrote and I have no memory of writing it. Some of this stuff is detailed, lengthy and well written and if it wasn't for the fact that it is without a doubt my handwriting and it is located between other pages of stuff I distinctly remember writing, I would bet the house that I didn't write it.

    The creepiest thing that has happened to me was when I was watching a youtube video while chasing down one of these instathoughts that I have and at the one minute and nineteen second mark, the video froze and the screen went black and the audio continued. The number above was just sitting there staring back at me. I will share the link of that particular video with you sometime and when you see the content, you will understand why I freaked the F#@K out. I was as scared as I have ever been, involving something unseen.

    This last year has been a crazy ride for me also, that is why I check your blog daily. It gives me great comfort knowing that other people are seeing and feeling the same things that I am and it's not like there is a support group in every zip code for this kind of thing.

    Also, let me take a moment to thank everyone who contributes here. We all ended up here for a reason and hopefully that reason manifests itself in a manner which we are all able to understand and are uniquely qualified to deal with.

  5. Zach, Did you receive the 2 emails I recently sent you regarding that pendulum thingy. I sent 1 and then another follow up one the next day. If you did, great, all I ask is that you please confirm this for me.

    If you didn't, that is something we need to look into. I have gotten no responses from a couple of others I have sent out that have content similar, but not the same as what I am trying to share with you and those emails should have been very relevant to the bloggers I sent them to and all that I have heard are crickets. I sent a follow up email, kindly requesting confirmation of them having received or not received these emails and still nothing.

    On another note, talk about synchronicity, I already had an email draft in my outbox that I had been planning on sending you when I could find the time to add the necessary text in order for everything to be fully understood, but you beat me to the punch.

    That email had 2 links already entered into the draft and one of them was a link to the exact same book that you have posted about above. The other link was to this article, and it was in reference to another book by the exact same author as "Absolute Zero", only this book was published in February of 2014. It's title is the Doomsday Diary.

    Read the article I linked to and after admiring the numerology and analyzing the content, compare it to the possible scenario described in the "Doomsday Diary".

    The same guy writes 2 different books, one of them is eerily similar to the recent Ebola scare and the other one is potentially similar to what "could" happen, if the article I linked to is based in fact in any way what-so-ever. Strange days indeed.

    1. Spectator, are you going to read Doomsday Diary? If so I would like to get your thoughts on it after.

  6. Doomsday = 4+6+6+4+1+4+1+7 = 33
    Please send the email again, I did not receive.

  7. And as for your freakish number "coincidences", I can relate. I've had the chills a few times this year.

  8. Michael, If it is available locally, I will definitely pick it up and read it, otherwise I will find out as much as I can through other means. I am in the process of doing more research on the viruses mentioned in the article. If this is legit information and not just another scare tactic, there is some wicked s#*t lurking in the NY subways that will make everyone forget all about Ebola.

    I am also more than a bit curious as to why my emails aren't making it to their intended destination. They aren't getting sent back with a note to the administrator, like others do, where I miss a letter or number in the email address so this has me a little sketched, especially since Zach mentioned that his Tesla piece mysteriously disappeared in 2 different places on his computer.

    What's most weird is that it's only the emails that have conspiracy related info in them that are not being received and as Shinobi alluded to above, some of this information might be better kept in private discourse until it can be looked at by a trusted source, other than myself, in order to help gauge the significance of it.

    I have hardly ever replied to blogs before this one. I definitely liked what Zach was doing here and for the most part this blog is devoid of the shills that take over the commentary at other sites when a particular message is not wanted to be taken seriously. I figured if I was ever going to share my thoughts with other like minded individuals, this was a safe place to do it while I try to establish enough credibility to be taken seriously when the time comes to share one of the things that I have been sitting on for a little while.

    I want to make sure there is an open line of communication with multiple reputable sources that are knowledgeable in that particular subject matter and will know what to do with that information if they do in fact agree with me as to the significance of it. Until then, I will keep sharing thoughts on this blog while I try to figure out what is blocking me from privately sharing certain information.

    Zach, I will resend those two emails and if you could reply with a simple "got it" that would be great. No commentary is necessary. It is just some info related to a popular internet conspiracy theory and I thought you might be interested in a tidbit of overlooked info I found, that relates to your specific expertise.

  9. Spectator, you and several people are reporting that your messages are not making it to me. Weird things have happened in my personal life brother since not long after launching this blog. If I haven't mentioned it before, I get threats and very strange mail in the physical mail, which means people know where I live. Honestly, I don't know if communicating with me is safe for you. I say that just so you know and for your own well-being.


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