Sunday, October 26, 2014

49 67 | Ebola and the Quarantined Nurse Kaci Hickox

First, Kaci is said to be 33-years old.
Yesterday the story of Kaci Hickox was reported, a name matching the numerology of the day.  Let us decode and examine.
  • Kaci = 2+1+3+9 = 15
  • Hickox = 8+9+3+2+6+6 = 34
  • Kaci Hickox = 49
  • 10/25/14 = 10+25+14 = 49
    • If the KV Exception is used, the name Kaci Hickox sums to the curious value of 67; both 67 and 49 reduce to 13 and 4.  Also, the initials KH form 11-8, yet another curious pairing.
The number 49 has much to do with Revelation.  The number 34 has much to do with the numbers of life, and at this present moment in time, the Georgia Guidestones.  Again I repeat, the coding within these names and stories foreshadows the future.  Unlock the Gematria, unlock the truth.

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