Wednesday, April 6, 2016

57 131 | Cavs at Pacers, 131 combined points at the half, April 6, 2016

In my pre-game report, I stressed the significance of 57 and 131 on today's game between the two teams above.  Is it any surprise we get 131 combined points at the half?  The pre-game write up is below.


  1. The 1st Quarter ended with a score of 36-33. Those numbers were mentioned in your previous post as well. It looked like the quarter was going to end 33-33, but at the last second they turned the Magnets on & the Pacers sunk a 3.

    1. hit by number 44. reminds me of last game as well cavs won with 109 now they lose with 109 paul george finished with 29 cavs took 29 3s.

  2. Zach Warriors are getting 106 a lot for these loses is this a sign of them losing the finals?

  3. Has anyone done any calculations on the masters?

  4. In regards to a previous post - I always thought there was a magnetic pull or vibration rim mechanism that they can either pull toward or push away depending on the shot they wanted (in or out) yea the athletes practice these scripts but deff more to it to insure the outcome