Sunday, April 24, 2016

Share your numerology knowledge to help with book writing process

I'm more than 20 pages deep into my numerology introduction chapter, but I feel that there is still much that is unsaid that needs to be said.  Some of you know more about numerology than me, so if you have any things that you think should definitely be an a numerology introduction, please share.  You can speak about the language of numerology or meanings behind numbers one through nine.

The way the chapter is setup currently is as follows.

Intro to numerology

Examples of where it has been referenced in the mainstream

Values of number 1-9 and 11, 22 and 33.

I also show the relationships between gematria, english and numerology.

I'm planning on speaking about prime numbers and fibonacci numbers in the pages ahead, and anything else you think would be helpful.  Thanks in advance for sharing!


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  2. Yeah put more deep details in prime numbers. Also God numbers , prophecy numbers, and prime numbers. Breaking down reversals like 37&73 or 25&52 etc.

  3. A section on Kabballah, Luciferian inversions, Triangular Numbers, Sum of Divisors would be good as well. In addition, I think certain special numbers (i.e. 3-6-9, 12, 37, 69, 113, 144, 156, 153-351, 239, 11...99, 111...999, {666} etc...)deserve their own chapters if possible. It would also be prudent, to see if you can tie in Numerology based in other cultures such as Abjad Numerals, Chinese Numerology & Vedic Numerology for example...

  4. Zach, please include alot of date span syncs in the book. Maybe devote a section of it to just that. One of the readers of this blog was crazy good at finding them.. I don't remember who. I think it was the same guy who found the 144 digits after the decimal in Pi equals 666 and he found all those zip code syncs too.

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