Wednesday, April 20, 2016

26 27 69 239 | The death of Harriet Tubman and her face replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 Bill

This story comes on April 20, typically the 110th day of the year.

In light of the gematria of the headline, Andrew Jackson was the 7th President and the White House sits on the 77th Meridian.  He was the first President to have an assassination attempt against his life. As for the number 185, 1103 is the 185th prime.  Just a thought.

Also, keep in mind that Jackson was opposed to a central bank, abolishing the 'Bank of the United States', which was the equivalent of the modern day 'Federal Reserve', that has kept his face on the twenty dollar bill.  The gematria of '239' for 'Bank of the United States' stands out because a lot of the '239' and '923' coding has been in regards to money and a potential economic collapse.

With regards to 'twenty', it also has a connection to 'dollar'.

Let us decode Harriet.

Harriet = 8+1+18+18+9+5+20 = 79 (22nd prime) (Born in '22)
Tubman = 20+21+2+13+1+14 = 71 (African American = 71)
Harriet Tubman = 150

Harriet = 8+1+9+9+9+5+2 = 43 (Civil War)
Tubman = 2+3+2+4+1+5 = 17
Harriet Tubman = 60 (N*gger)

That detail about being a spy for the Union.  Harriet Tubman's birthday is said to have occurred n 1822, but the date of birth is not known, which is common for many people born in the times.  She died March 10, 1913, the 69th day of the year, at the age of 91.  The numerology of her death is fitting for a face now on U.S. money.

3/10/1913 = 3+10+19+13 = 45
3/10/1913 = 3+10+(1+9+1+3) = 27 (Money = 27)
3/10/1913 = 3+1+0+1+9+1+3 = 18
3/10/13 = 3+10+13 = 26 (Dollar)
3/10 = 3+10 = 13

With regards to her dying on the '69th day', it ties in with 'twenty dollar bill'.

Let us decode the 7th President as well.

Andrew = 1+14+4+18+5+23 = 65
Jackson = 10+1+3+11+19+15+14 = 73
Andrew Jackson = 138

Andrew = 1+5+4+9+5+5 = 29
Jackson = 1+1+3+2+1+6+5 = 19
Andrew Jackson = 48/57

Keep in mind that March 15 is the 74th day of the year, his birthday.

3/15/1767 = 3+15+17+67 = 102 (United States of America) (Slavery) (April 12)
3/15/1767 = 3+15+(1+7+6+7) = 39
3/15/1767 = 3+1+5+1+7+6+7 = 30
3/15/67 = 3+15+67 = 85

He died at the age of 78, June 8, 1845.  As we decode this, think about the phrase 'dead Presidents' in regards to money.

6/8/1845 = 6+8+18+45 = 77 (The number on the headline)
6/8/1845 = 6+8+1+8+4+5 = 32 (America)
6/8/45 = 6+8+45 = 59 (Kill)
6/8 = 6+8 = 14 (Dead)

'68' has been a fateful number for Presidents and more in history.

Think about how Harriet Tubman was anti-slavery, and how at this day in age, we are all slaves to dollars, mostly working the 9-5.

Slave = 19+12+1+22+5 = 59

Here's another thought.  Black woman replaces white man.  White woman replaces black man?  You know what I'm saying.


  1. A couple things stand out to me.
    1. Our monetary system and the Fed are the two main things enslaving us and are basically pure evil. Fitting to have someone who was most assuredly anti-slavery on the face of one of the most circulated denominations.
    2. Andrew Jackson was supposedly anti central banking, which is also funny, but moreover he was one of the biggest genocidal maniacs we've ever had, what with the trail of years and all. Him moving to the back of the bill kind of makes me think he is Harriet Tubman's "slave master".
    3. Funny that they're keeping Alexander Hamilton, the "father" of the Treasury and huge proponent of Central banking and monarch rule.

    1. Excellent observations, these are all topics I discussed heavily when I started this blog, when I focused more on history and less on numbers.

  2. "Dollar Debt slavery" in the English Reduction system equals 69

    Monetary slavery" in the English Reduction system equals 69

    "Currency" in the English Reduction system equals 44

    1. Interesting thing about Andrew Jackson is he is from South Carolina. We all know how The Carolina's have been on a losing streak, have had some bad press lately.

      Also, he abolished the Bank of the united states

      "Bank of the united states" in the English Reduction system equals 77 and 239 in English Ordinal

  3. Obscure, but I think I got the Joke. ;-)

  4. Finally -- an actual reason to be GLAD that the "contributions" of Native Americans continue to be ignored! ; ) "Commemorating" these FICTIONAL "Heroes" by placing their likenesses on currency that -- in reality -- will have no LEGITIMATE monetary value, somehow seems almost appropriate. The greatest travesty is that it will further cement these "Characters" & their FRAUDULENT Histories into the public consciousness. Those who are CREATING the New History of America are fully aware that THIS particular type of "Revision" is the Most EFFECTIVE -- & Most ENDURING -- method of OBSCURING THE TRUTH. Academic Historians (& other 'experts') consistently TEACH US that "only great & honorable people are commemorated in this way" ... IF THEY'RE ON THE MONEY, THEIR STORY MUST BE TRUE ...