Saturday, April 30, 2016

106 223 | The 223rd pick of the draft, Brandon Doughty (ESPN draft highlight)

ESPN's front page has this as their top story, the 223rd pick of the NFL Draft, Brandon Doughty, the fifteenth quarterback taken in the draft, the most since 2004, twelve years ago, was taken by the Miami Dolphins, who also received a man projected to the number one overall pick at number thirteen.

I tried to find Brandon's birthday, but could only find that his birthday is on October 6, a lot like '106', the number of prophecy.

Brandon = 2+9+1+5+4+6+5 = 32
Doughty = 4+6+3+7+8+2+7 = 37
Brandon Doughty = 69

Brandon = 2+18+1+14+4+15+14 = 68
Doughty = 4+15+21+7+8+20+25 = 100
Brandon Doughty = 168 (New York City)

Are some big games ahead between the Dolphins and Jets, an AFC East rivalry?  Remember, these drafts are by the numbers, and there are riddles within the picks, just as Brock Osweiller being the 57th overall selection by Denver not long ago foreshadowed an upcoming Super Bowl.

Fifty-Seven = Championship = Super Bowl

Brandon has the most college production of any QB in the draft and is older than others in his draft class.  On the downside, he also ran the slowest 40-yard dash.

You have to love the 3:14 post time.


  1. Maybe that 3:14 post time is letting us know the Fins just won the lotto.

  2. Not NBA Tonight on Twitter: "If you're feeling down, just remember that on this day in 1956 the St.Louis Hawks traded the draft rights to Bill Russell. Could be worse."

    Thats like 60 years exactly
    Or 60 years 1 month 3 days until the NBA FINALS 2/6/16
    Or 60 years and 33 days

    The Hawks beat the celtics yesterday

    1. Something is going on

      Born 131 in Ohio, Lakewood ?? I mean just his name and birthdate/place got the Lakers - Minesotta - Cleveland - Masonic connection , Lebron will be king or crucified , but it is connected

    2. Sorry to spam man , but that is huge , the guy played for the cleveland browns and the Bears actually play in Chicago , anyway , great work !

    3. Spurs have 33 pts lead at halftime , and the show during halftime was " the chair master "

      The chair master = 888
      Bataclan novembre = 888

      And " Akward dad dance cam " was the next show
      = 111 / 666

      Masonic halftime = 888 !
      Jewish gemateia = 888
      Destruction = 888
      North Caroline = 888

  3. Wow how interesting he was also born where the dolphins are headquartered. Look for this guy to replace tannehill

  4. Zach how much money did you put down for the Super Bowl? Also if I Put down 500 or 1000 for the Super Bowl how much would I get in return?

    1. At Westgate in Vegas, they still had 40:1 for Giants and 25:1 for Colts for Super Bowl. The rest of the strip at between 18:1 and 22:1 for Giants and around 10:1 for the Colts. So do the math.

    2. Wow 25:1 for the colts Vegas knows something that's extremely high for a team like the colts