Thursday, April 21, 2016

44 57 112 | Reader Contribution, Packers and Prince's Death? (+link to Prince Death YouTube Video)

This is in response to my video on the death of Prince (linked below).  This reader doesn't follow the blog, so the last NFL video he saw me do, I talked about the Packers and Colts.  These days I'm leaning more towards Giants and Colts, but if I'm wrong about the Giants, I suspect it will be the Packers.  As I said in the video, today's date is the 112th day of the year and the upcoming Super Bowl is hosted in Houston.

Houston = 8+15+21+19+20+15+14 = 112

Prince also died at age 57, a number connected to 'Super Bowl'.

Fifty-Seven = Championship = Super Bowl


  1. i don't think the colts are going

    I think pats or jets vs Giants or packers

    But if the colts really do go someone is gonna be rich if they bet

    I personally wouldn't bet on a team with no defense no running game in no real threats at wr in they didn't get anyone this offseason

  2. Randy I've been seeing too many clues for Colts appearance for this year's super bowl but only time will tell

    1. Wasn't there clues for the pats last year? I'm pretty sure U can find other teams who has connections

      I can't wait till football starts

  3. In wrestling there is a move called nelson or half nelson used when trying to pin the opponent to the mat. That might be signifigant since the wrestler Chyna died on same day as Prince.