Wednesday, April 27, 2016

58 | Trump closes in, post April 26, 2016 primary headlines

Those percentages....

Donald = 50
White House = 133
Cleveland, home of the 216 area code


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    1. If it is all planned and rigged, I would say they get those numbers relatively easy.

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  2. I'm starting to wonder if this stuff is even coming from Earth. Do the personalities that our media shove at us even live here? If all these news events are simulated, as we have seen is very likely to be the case, then why couldnt they also be from some other realm/dimension/ place outside of our dome? Or time even. Like light years. The word "prerecorded" keeps occuring to me.
    Maybe the repeating numbers have something to do with radio/receiving waves and fields? Stabilizing or dominating, like Sirius XM over the local stations?
    Just musing.

  3. Thinking of topography and radio reception. Mountains and valleys, coastal and deserts all get different levels of clarity. My Sirius XM fades out alot when I'm driving through areas of tall dense trees and rocky mountainous terrain. Maybe different altitudes as well coordinates should considered when we decode these events.
    I'd love to know exactly how these transmissions are coming to us. Do our brains function as kind of antenna? And why is race soooo important? Do some races or blood types make better receivers than others? That could be a factor in all the ridiculous racial hatred the media constantly churns out.