Friday, April 22, 2016

Prince in 1998 singing, "Osama bin Laden getting ready to bomb"...

""I've gotta go home y'all...I've gotta go back to America. I gotta go get ready for the bomb. Osama Bin Laden getting ready to bomb! Osama Bin Laden getting ready to bomb! America... you better watch out... 2001!" Prince at his live after show in Ultrecht, Netherlands, December 24, 1998. So, he dies on the 111th day, and, after 9/11, this year, there will be 111 days left. ‪#‎message‬ ‪#‎bythenumbers‬"
I never heard this one before.  This is something else.  I bet David Bowie and Prince are doing a duet on this one somewhere right now, "Osama bin Laden back from the grave getting ready to bomb", the updated lyrics.  Just the other week we saw the headlines, "al Qaeda is back!"

This world gets better everyday.  And now I have a catchy new tune stuck in my head.


  1. Its too big of a subject for this Truthseeker, but Bowie & Prince connect in Life & Death.

    Its 14 weeks 4 days btw their 2 deaths. Thats also 3mo 11 days....or One Hundred And Two Days =1404. Faked Death =144.

    Faked Death =65, 390. Prince =65, 390. Prince Bowie =119.

    If we want to tie in Osama - Bowie died on 1/10 - Osama Bin Laden =110. And from Bowie's death on 1/10/16 to Osama's 5yr anniversary of his death on 5/2 =113 days. Fitting perfectly with the Bowie to Prince death timespan....that time duration is also 3mo 22 days if you needed an exclamation point.

    1. Beautiful, in the post I just did I talked about time and '144' from Prince's song 'Let's Go Crazy'.

    2. Your 144's are the key to the entire decode.....loving your work Zach!

      The Purple One =930. Prince =390.

      Back to the 144's - I hate to open this can of worms, but considering "Prince" died on the Queeen's Birthday makes me think of the newest "Prince" - GEORGE =57 - same as Prince's age, and I do believe the Ritual Sacrifice is just that simple.

      George =39. Prince =390.

      Prince George =122. From his birth on 7/22/13 to 4/21/16 = 2yrs 9mo.

      This is all about Prince George Of Cambridge =205. Israel =205. Pesach =25, 52. Those #'s make me think of SB 51 scheduled for 2/5.

      From Prince's death on 4/21/16 to SB 51 on 2/5 =290 days. Very similar to the date count of George being born - Prince dying.

    3. Prince Dies At Fifty Seven =254, and the 254th day is Sept 11.

      I'm sure its been said before, but I'm gonna say it again...Prince Dead =211, and he died on the 112th day. Mason =211.

      Zach, I like when you touch on the stock market, and it just closed the week out w/ some very telling numbers - especially if there's gonna be an Event this weekend....

      Dow - 18,003.75....I'm reading that backwards as 57, 381 because I want to see Prince's age, & George =57.

      S&P - 2091.58....USA =291. Freemasonry =58, but I think the 58 means something different here - any thoughts?

      The most curious of all is the Nasdaq 100 - look at the sync's on these numbers.....^ndx

    4. I should have looked at the VIX sooner. For those who don't know the VIX is the Volatility Index - it supposedly measures fear, and is close to all time low readings.

      The VIX closed at 13.22 - down 5.23%. Zach, I know those #'s are talking to You. Volatility =1049. Skull And Bones =149. Zachary K Hubbard =149.

      VIX =133. VIX =55, 330. Vix At Thirteen Twenty Two =4052 - the 254th day of non-leap years is Sept 11.^vix

  2. I had seen this video last year on another conspiracy website that's why when I heard he died I knew was a sacrifice