Friday, April 22, 2016

38 47 57 | Only Fox News covering Ohio shooting of April 22, 2016? (Obvious signs of drill)

First of all, Fox News is the only national news network covering this story, which is very odd.  Here are CNN's and MSNBC's top stories at the moment.

Notice, no mention of the Ohio shooting.

But on Fox News...

It is the headline story...

Sentimental headlines! 5-days old?  Among 7 shot dead?  Looks like Fox is plugging a '57' for this 'Ohio' shooting.

Ohio = 15+8+9+15 = 47

47 and 57 were big numbers on the Prince death yesterday.

Based on how many departments were there, it is obvious this was a drill.

And Fox News has just reset their ticker from 2 hours to 33 minutes...

Update:  CNN now reporting, MSNBC still behind.

CNN's reporting on shooting.

3 of 8, or 38?

Death = 4+5+1+20+8 = 38


  1. Gotta love how they use a pic of Trump flashing the 666 hand sign...

  2. Will you have Chapter 2 What is Numerology? posted soon?

  3. Reminds me of the "he killed younglings" line in Star Wars when Anakin went to the dark side.

  4. Peebles Ohio closest city to the great serpent mound,,,
    Ohio Shooting

  5. Sacrifices for The King, LeBron James. Cleveland is getting a title

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    3. Milo you and spurs will be sucking the freemasons dick when its all said and done. Again please stop posting.

    4. um, milo you're the one who replied to mike's comment not the other way around O.o

  6. This false flag "murder" was a sacrifice that foreshadows Cavs winning the Championship.

    "5" adults and "2" children killed. Ohio is in a 52 year drought since the last time they won a championship.

    Cavs had 57 wins this season. Prince died at age 57.

    Michael jackson died in 2009 in Los Angeles and that year the Lakers won the championship.

    Cavs win the title this year.

    1. Also Michael Jackson died SEVEN years ago at age 50. 50+7= 57. Age prince died how many wins Cavs had.

  7. "party like it's 1999" in the English Reduction system equals 57

  8. Milo not to be dick, but you are a complete jackass. Please dont post again

  9. From the headlines at the top:
    'I survived' = 93
    'My six brothers didn't' = 93
    'The Purple One' = 930, 633
    'The Science Guy' = 63, 144
    'Murder in Ohio:' = 77
    'Stop Trump' = 770
    Quote from the cop about the shooting:
    'There is no suspect' = 216
    Pike County = 139, 58 (Also 139 34th prime(murder))(Reminds of Albert Pike)
    Pike County Sheriff = 93
    'execution-style' = 197 (Prime number 45), 71 (Villanova reference?)
    Another police quote:
    'I am still actively looking for a shooter' = 199 (46th Prime; 45, 46 ...?) in Jewish = 2223!
    'It's a tragedy' = 57, 774
    The very top headline says charges dropped in "'57" murder
    'Charges dropped in fifty seven murder' = 2232 in English Gematria

  10. they're saying it was a weed grow site, wtf?