Sunday, April 24, 2016

29 39 168 | Ex-Pats Ron Brace dies at age 29, April 23, 2016 (Super Bowl 51 Clues)

Dying at the age of 29 in regards to 'football' is interesting.

Football = 6+6+6+2+2+1+3+3 = 29

The name 'Brace' fits the picture as well.

Brace = 2+18+1+3+5 = 29

Ronald = 9+6+5+1+3+4 = 28 (Ron = 9+6+5 = 20)
Jeffery = 1+5+6+6+5+9+7 = 39
Brace = 2+9+1+3+5 = 20
Ronald Jeffery Brace = 87
Ron Brace = 40

Ronald = 18+15+14+1+12+4 = 64 (Ron = 18+15+14 = 47)
Jeffery = 10+5+6+6+5+18+25 = 75
Brace = 2+18+1+3+5 = 29
Ronald Jeffrey Brace = 168 (New York City)
Ron Brace = 76

6'3"... 330 lbs... 39 games...

That part about finishing in the nation's capitol is also interesting in light of this news coming on a date with '44' and '64' numerology.

4/24/2016 = 4+24+20+16 = 64 (Barack Hussein Obama = 64)
4/24/16 = 4+24+16 = 44 (Barack Obama, 44th President)

2:16 :/
Obama born on the 216th day of the year.

12x12 = 144
Time = 144 (Jewish Gematria)

Brace was released by the Patriots December 29, 2012.  That was 1212-days before his death.

With regards to his name having gematria synching up with New York City, Brace was a member of the Patriots team that lost to the Giants in Super Bowl 46, in Lucas Oil Stadium.  Notice he played in 39-games with the Patriots.

NY = 14+25 = 39
New York = 5+5+5+7+6+9+2 = 39

In light of the prediction of the Giants and Colts Super Bowl, you have to love that the last Super Bowl between the Giants and Patriots was played in the Colts Stadium.


  1. Giants/Colts Superbowl, Two-Thousand Sixteen = 157 (37th Prime)

    One-Hundred Fifty-Seven = 239/104 (239 = 52nd Prime)

    That's a Ten-Four = 168 = New York City

    Over and out = 135 = 135 + 531 = 666


  2. Pats are automatically intertwined with NY.Played 2 SBs and in 1963 they were both in the finals

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    1. 29 the 10th prime number Eli wears #10

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  5. Also Had 39 tackles? Also wore number

  6. His Stint with the Redskins lasted 199 days =Predictive Program One Twenty-Two / Super Bowl

    Brother Berg should add to this since Turner of the Eagles was connected. Brace played for Boston College Eagles..

    6 months and 18 day......816 was born in 86..

    If he Really did die on April 23rd because other places say 24th.......Its 139 days till the start of the season. Boom

  7. It could mean pats vs Giants sb 51

    1. Thats what ive been saying since the end of the SB.

      15 year anny of 9/11

    2. ALSO the 28 pages got released....Yeah .....

    3. I am pretty sure the Colts will replace the Patriots this time around. These teams have be a backdoor relationship. Colts-Giants for the third time? Doesn't that sound ridiculous? It could happen, but it would look absurd.

    4. Zach, I agree with you but to play devil's advocate for a minute. This would be Brady's 7th SB appearance. He is 4-2, where both loses came from the Giants. 7 is the number of Completion and perfection. it would be fitting for him to return and face the team that beat him to finish his career. He will be 39 before the season starts.

      Also, this would follow the Lebron scenario where it would be his 7th NBA Finals appearance were e could become 2-2 against the Spurs who beat him while he was with Cleveland in his first NBA Finals.

    5. I still think the numbers add up for the Colts, Giants though.

    6. But looking at Tom Brady a little deeper is interesting. He is from San Mateo, California
      San Mateo = 25 in reduction
      California = 52 in reduction
      If Brady went to the SB and won he would be 5-2
      T Brady = 25 in reduction, the reflection of 52

      He played at Michigan in college, the mascot is the Wolverines
      "wolverines" in the English Reduction system equals 52

      His 7th SB would make him the only person to win 5 SBs
      Seven seems to be important to him and his life.

      "San Mateo, California" in the English Reduction system equals 77
      Born is 1977

      Also interesting...

      "San Mateo" in the English Ordinal system equals 88
      "california" in the English Ordinal system equals 88
      His birth date 8/3/77 = 88

      Maybe it all is pointing to Brady being in SB 52 and not this one.

    7. Keeps getting better... SB 52 is in Minneapolis, Minnesota on 2/4/2018 = 44 date

      Where have we heard this location recently... Prince :)

    8. Patriots = 37
      Minneapolis Minnesota is the home of the Vikings.
      Vikings = 37

    9. The Patriots will be 57 years old at the start of next year's season. Prince died at 57.

      Could prince's death be linked to the Patriots winning Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis, Minnesota?

    10. They became the New England Patriots in 1971.
      2018 would be 37 years later.
      37 years matching the name Patriots and matching the team that would be hosting SB 52, the Vikings.

    11. This season is the 57th year of existence dude. 52 won't be patriots and it makes more sense since he is 39 years old which is associated with 6. As well as Thelema. This is their 47th season of existence and Super Bowl 39 was Pats and 12 years later is Super Bowl 51 Brady will play 12 games this year.

      The year of existence changes when the Year changes. 1925 to 2016 is 91 years yet it says it will be 92 this season. Which goes with 29 year old Brace. Also Brace wore number 92 and 97 this is the 97th season of Football....

      What I do is since the SB is next year that marks the year of the next season which would be 93 for the Giants and 58 for the Pats.

      Brady 39 Eli 36.

      Remember Bill Billcheat lost against the Broncos with a 66.6 Win %......Will also start the season with it.

      Also wait your math is off. 46 years later which still goes with the Pats but it says 47 which should be for when it is 2017.

      I hope you understand....

      36 years later is 2007-2008 was 37 years..... SB 42 Giants pats 9 years later.....9 Is Satans number. SB 51.......Interesting

    12. 37th year and Pats were in the 44th season. 44 Goes with the Pats to look up 1963 Finals where the pats lost by 51 Points in the finals in the AFL championship and NFL Giants lost to Chicago 24-10 Pats had 10 to....10=Satan.....

      44 Years later is SB 42....WHICH EQUALS FREEMASON. 51= FREEMASON....WOO!

      51-10=61...equals God......2016 Giants 91 years later. Giants won in 86 the Birth of Brace 86-87.....61 62 years of existence of Giants.


      24+51 is 75....?



    13. you are right about the 37 years as it should be the 47th.

      But I believe the 57 is accurate.

      Established November 16, 1959; 56 years ago, this year in November will be 57 and will still be 57 when the season starts next year.

    14. 57 is what matters this year. Also 10 years back it was 37 and 47th year of existence if you count Boston Patriots. Pats Won a SB in the 44th year three years believe against the eagles AS WELL.

      4 Years later 41-42 in 2011 then 3-4 years later is 44-45 ...against the Seahawks.

    15. First season to 2017 is 57 Years When they are in the Playoffs its the same year as the new season. Giants 93rd.

      93 it syncs up so the 57 isn't for the Start of next season. Just like 1990 in 90 it was the 65-66 season

  8. 138 and 39 with the Start date. If it was 24th its 39 so no matter.

    142 days to 9/11 beginning for the Gints.....4 months and 20 days.

    289 days to super bowl or 982.....number 92......

    9 months 14 days...

    TO Eli Mannings Birthday is 255 days....52 and prophecy. 36 weeks and 3 days......Eli will be 36

    8months 11 days. 118 equals death.

    SB50 to his death is 77 days......On the Pythagorean Numerology chart it After Z and going to G again is 33.


    WITHOUT THE END DATE. 76 Giants were in the SB in the 76 season vs the Ravens.....Before 9/11......Attack is coming for NY on a side note.

    Anyways 10 weeks and 6 days...106. False Flag Event equals 1006.....

    Tyler sash death to this man is 229 days.....7months 16 days.....No end dat 7 months 15....517.....

    And the kicker GARY JETERS DEATH ON 3/23 to this man is 398 days....

    1 year 1 month and 1 day

    1. 38=death and Football. Damn these masons wow I cant see Grenbay packers

  9. Giants/Pats Super bowl=77

    1905 or 5091....


    1905 NY Giants faced Phildelphia......with 105 wins and 51 wins on the Road..They Lost a world series in 1911.....against Philly

    1912.....They lost to Boston Red Sox...and then Philly again

    NY Giants played in 1951 vs the Yankees...69th season.

    Also in 1936 they lost to the Yanks and again in 1937.

    1936 was the 54th season...1905 they ended with 54 wins at home

    As well as the 1921 and 22 years........where the giants won both...

    Lastly what does 54 connect to? Anyways....1954 they had a record of 97-57 and swept the Cleveland Indians who had 111 wins...

    1954 is 62-63 years 62 Year of existence NY football Gints won and played in 1963 with the Pats

    1945 Back to football. Clevland Rams won with a score of 15....Clevland MLB Indians Established in 1915

    1951- Los Angeles Rams vs The Clevland Browns??? Then Played in 1954.

    WOW So This is the RAMS first Championship in 1951 since moving to LA ???? No coincedence they Moved to LA Come SB 51.

    Im way off topic though and making somewhat Random Connections but this is all interesting with the Cavilers.

    hmm Maybe the NBA finals reveal something about the 51st SB? Idk im off this shit lol

    1. So the Indians and Browns both played in Championships on 1954.

      Can anyone help? Just give your two cents

  10. So 54th season of MLB Giants go to the Championship and the Cleveland Rams are formed in 1936?

    I feel like the Giants have Connections to Clevland and Somehow the Rams since Jeter Played with them during the Years of the Giants winning in 86 which was the 61st year of existence...

    Jeter died at 61 and the LA Rams are back????

    Then the Browns were formed in 1946 the year the Giants Beat the Chicago Bears in the Championship game?

    Wtf. The Rams and Browns played who both had clevland ties. While the Giants and Yankees played

    They got Janoris Jenkins of the Rams.

    This is real deep lol

    1. Exactly I'm not convinced that colts are going they did nothing in the offseason meanwhile the pats got a whole a lot better

      The way the colts look I'm not sure if they make the playoffs

    2. Colts are in the weakest division in sports history..there passing game is grade A maybe a lil work on the running game but even that is not so bad especially if they start using the screen pass more and the D is a concern but imo I think they just need to move to 4-4 and a safety and they'll be championship caliber

  11. Watch out for type of Nuke story/ leak, event , in this 3 day window!! Prince death his song last year Baltimore! The movie Sum of all fears Nuclear bomb for Baltimore.

    1. Baltimore Colts. The Baltimore CB recently died as well.

    2. Zach what do you think about the Brady suspension? Brady will play 12 games this year....They are still getting in but a storyline is forming....

    3. I have a ton of work on deflate gate. Have you seen any of that work? I bet the answer is in there.

    4. Colts this year, Patriots next year. Check out what I did above.

    5. everyone on here saying colts sb51 should screenshot there preditction

      So when the pats or jets go to the sb y'all can make your excuse for why they didn't

      Because y'all were the same ones screaming pats in cardinals last year

    6. Forsure jets won't make the playoffs

    7. Rigged. Good Catch on 57 Prince except 57 is this season for 51......Wow Also When Jets or Giants are in the Playoffs the league always has it so one NY team is in.....So after that loss Vs the Bills.....No Playoffs? People need to detach from this Bullshit seriously

  12. Also this Suspension comes 139 days before 9/8 LOL. We are seeing something here

  13. Football players and musicians seem to be disappearing at an alarming rate.

  14. His sibling was MARQUIS -- which ties nicely with the whole Prince, Queen, etc royalty theme. What's up with that weird pic on the far right -- looks like he's got a Bloody Turban on his head ...?

  15. The Colts and Giants played each other a total of 18 times had me thinking real hard because 61 is the 18th prime number...also keep in mind that God=156 (English Gematria) God=61 (Jewish gematria) 911 the 156th prime number a very good clue for new york to be in the super bowl plus they are ranked number 2 for easiest strength of schedule

    1. Oh yeah I forgot about them sacrificing Chyna for this rigged event (Chyna=51 simple english gematria)

  16. I really think that Victor Cruz will win comeback player of the year...(Comeback player of the year=233 simple english gematria) 233 is the 51st prime number

  17. Also keep an eye on Connor Cook in this draft which takes place tomorrow (Connor Cook=51 pythagorean gematria)
    Connor Cook=123 simple english gematria) just like conspiracy=51/123