Friday, April 15, 2016

66 | Kobe finale toy looks like LeBron? April 13, 2016 Staples Center giveaway

With regards to Kobe and LeBron, they're two of the leagues players who went straight form high school to the pros.  In history there have been 43 men to do so... there might be a greater riddle here with regards to LeBron's future this season and beyond.

LeBron = 66
Lakers = 66
Kobe started 66 games his final season


  1. Looks like Keith David to me. I could see him heading to LA. Ita every B-Ballers dream.

  2. Anything on Chuck Pagono who had Lukemia during a season?


  3. Lol kobe never wore a headband thats what lebron is known for

  4. Lol kobe never wore a headband thats what lebron is known for

  5. Zach, check this out...
    Serious money to be made i think.
    Also check out my previous Euro 16 post for more..

  6. Zach, in light of some of your recent videos regarding 213 and February 13th, Lupercalia, I wanted to share a story with you and get your opinion on it. About 6 1/2 years ago, my wife's mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and began radiation and chemo. She went into a temporary remission but was told the cancer would eventually start spreading again and she would die if she didn't have her lung removed where the tumor was located. She decided to undergo surgery in February of 2009. It was initially a success and the doctors said she was recovering nicely and should make a recovery as long as her post-op rehab went alright. However, within a span of about two days, she went from a model patient to being on life support. She eventually died, and some months later my wife and I decided to pursue a medical malpractice suit for what we had deemed negligence on the part of the nursing staff and doctors with critical rehab that should have been undertaken that would have most likely saved her life and let her recover. Long story short, we hit a road block and could never get the case off the ground. Anyway, she passed early in the morning hours of February 13th, which that year was also a Friday the 13th. That always stuck with us, but at the time I didn't know about gematria, numerology, or Lupercalia. But you jogged my memory talking about 2/13 so I decided to do the numerology of the date 2/13/2009. Well, not only is it the 44th day of the year, Lupercalia, the festival of death, but it has numerology of 44, 17, and 26, identical to the big and small ways of the word 'kill'. Is this a cosmic coincidence, or was my wife's mother a sacrifice? Learning what I've learned over the past few months studying your channel, I'm not so sure anymore. Thanks, Zach.

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    2. Hi Matt, I'm sorry for your loss and to hear this story. There is something greater to these numbers than I fully understand, and therefore I cannot say for sure what might have happened. That is an awful lot of 44 though.
      44th day of the year
      44 date numerology
      Cancer = 44
      Chemo = 44
      Kill = 44
      Have you done the gematria of her name and the numerology of her birth? I appreciate you sharing this, I will think more on it.

    3. Milo, you seem like a great person but you should take this example as an opportunity to see you need to SLOW DOWN and get things right. He said it was his wife's mother. Not his wife. You strike me as an incredibly hyper person, which is not only suggested from this comment of yours.

      Matt, I wonder the same things. I doubt the date numerology was all it took for them to put her to rest but you never know. There may be no way of knowing for sure unless we have eyes in the room. Have you run the numbers on her name/birthday, and other things such as the name of the the hospital and the main doctor? There are usually several synchronizations when it comes to this, at least in the case with famous people. I really don't know what to tell you except I really want to see justice comes to these people's door if that's what they're doing. I'm in the same boat as you wanting answers.

    4. Zach, I did the numerology of her birthday, but nothing really stood out to me; neither with the span of her life (her birthday was 8/5/1959). Her name kinda freaks me out though. She went by two different last names because she had been married and divorced, so her maiden name and her married last name (my wife can't remember if she changed her name back to maiden legally or not). Anyway, her first and last name maiden sum to 104 and 41, also, there are two 'S's in her last name, so 59. 59 is obvious, also her death on the 13th (41). Her first middle and last maiden sum to 145 (?) and 73 (Sacrifice). Her first, middle initial, and last name maiden sum to 44. Ugh. Her first and last name married sum to 155, 56, and 65. Include her middle name, it sums to 196, 88(possibly poisoned?), and 97. First, middle initial and last married sums to 167, 59, and 68. So her name was just surrounded by unfortunate Gematria. Oh, we're not sure of the doctor's name who was there on call the night she died, because he was not her regular oncologist. From what we remember, he was a real asshole. The nursing staff were also quite crass. The name of the hospital is Gwinnett Medical Center, which in Pythagorean sums to 98 (Lupercalia).

    5. Out of respect I feel I shouldn't just rattle off the couple of connections I see, as it doesn't give any definitive answers.. and especially because you asked for Zach's opinion and not mine, but I do feel I should point out for your research that "Lung cancer" also equals 44/98.


    6. mad1dog, thanks for the input! Feel free to contribute, no worries. Yeah, the connections here seem to be piling up; definitely hard to overlook.