Sunday, October 23, 2016

13 41 45 48 71 113 | DID YOU KNOW? Steve Bartman incident, October 14, 2003

Moments before the 113th pitch, that became the 'Steve Bartman' incident.
Now the Cubs are going to the 112th World Series.

It was the 113th pitch of Game 6, of the 2003 NLCS, where the 'Bartman Incident' transpired.

Steve Bartman was supposedly sitting in Seat #113.

Mainstream = 113; Dishonest = 113

Aisle 4?  Row 8?

NLCS = 14+12+3+19 = 48
10/22/16 = 10+22+16 = 48 (Cubs break curse in NLCS, 13-years later)

Thirteen = 45
Wrigley = 45
Illinois = 45
Cubs = 45

The name 'Steve Bartman' also connects to '13'.

The curse is now broken, 13-years later.

Notice the ball was purchased and destroyed for $113,000+....

The date of the incident was October 14, 2003.

10/14/2003 = 10+14+20+03 = 47
10/14/03 = 10+14+03 = 27

Notice his name was 'Steve'.  That name now ties to the Cubs breaking the 71-year curse.


  1. Would it be far fetched for that ball to be remote controlled? I mean how else would that foul ball be so exact?

    1. Me and my bro had this conversation yesterday. Not sure how it was done, but it like everything else, seems very scripted.

    2. Yes it would be very far fetched. How would you make a ball fly or float wirelessly? It would need something external to make it fly freely.

  2. Did anyone mention the movie Rookie of the year? Where this 12 year old kid pitches for the Cubs. At the end of the movie he holds up his World Series ring. This movie is a remake of the 1954 Roogie's Bump, kid pitches for the Brooklyn dodgers.

    1. That's what we were talking about on Facebook earlier today... I need to decode that movie.

  3. What's even more absurd than this staged event is the fact that the ball sold for six digits. Tyrants creating wealth out of nothing, just like our banking system. Notice it was A LAWYER that scooped up the ball.

  4. In one of the Indians games the announcer Ernie Johnson said that Indians player Jason Kipnis grew up in Chicago. He then said he lived on the same street as Steve Bartman and his sister went to high school with Steve Bartman.

  5. Zach, you need to run the numbers on Cleveland. They will be playing in their 6th world series. Indian has coding of 51 and 103. Seems way to easy to be the farm on the Cubs this year. Much like the Warriors.

    1. Thats what i was thinking.. even cbs talking to chicago bar owner about the significance of 108