Sunday, October 23, 2016

Reder Contribution | "6", the Number of Man

This is awesome!


  1. Travis' decode game is on point!

  2. Yeah, I was thinking about this. I think the beauty of their madness is...this is actually "Hell" where we are. How brilliant! They make you believe you need to do what you are told so you can earn heaven and avoid hell. So simple. Some ancient dickhead told some scary stories and got his tribe to make him god king. He created the concept "good" and "bad" and then went about building kingdoms, creeds, and duties. That is all they did. We believed them. Believing is thinking. We put so much value in our "right" to "free" thought. It is not a right. It just is. "Free thought" is not only redundant, it is also misleading, implying there is a thinker. Brilliant. They even got Rhodin, and other artists, to embed the concept of "the thinker" in our subconscious. They are good. You don't escape thinking with thoughts. You don't overthrow government with governmental concepts like revolutions, etc. It is more third eye stuff. There is no "other" when you see with third eye vision. Everything comes from you. You see that. You don't need to do anything. There is nothing wrong. "Right" and "wrong" are concepts of the spell. We make our own prison, prop up our wardens, pay for them with our taxes, affirm them with our pledges and complain about them all in the same breath. What fucking madness! Phenomenal!

  3. Yeah... The more and more I look into this work, the more spiritual I become. These sick fucks absolutely believe in forces of good and evil, and they clearly have allegiance to the evil side. I'm far from a perfect man, but I spit in the face of Satan and his minions.

  4. hey Travis,

    that is great, that is a wow!! job
    Good work