Sunday, October 2, 2016

31 84 127 | Steelers vs Chiefs, SNF, October 2, 2016 +Why I like Steelers and #84, Antonio Brown

Sunday Night Football will be the 31st meeting all-time between the Steelers and Chiefs in the regular season.  The Steelers lead the series 20-10, something like both teams current records of 2-1.  By the end of the game, the Steelers should be 3-1, and the Chiefs 2-2.

31, the 11th prime; football, a game of 11 vs 11; Chief = 31 (Singular) (Chiefs = 32/41/50)

Big Ben is also trying to win his 127th career win, a span of 127-days before the Super Bowl in Houston.  127 is the 31st prime.

'Thirty-one' also has connection to Pennsylvania, home of the 'Steelers'.

The last time the Chiefs won in Pittsburgh, was December 21, 1986.

The last time the Chiefs won, was their last matchup, last season, on a date with '50' numerology.

10/25/15 = 10+25+15 = 50

Kansas City Chiefs = 64/73/91/100/172
Kansas City = 32/41/50/59; Chiefs = 32/41/50 (32nd game between teams counting playoffs)

Pittsburgh Steelers = 81/108
Pittsburgh = 50/59; Steelers = 31/49

This will be Mike Tomlin's 148th regular season game, going for his 95th win.  Notice he has 94-wins in 147-games.  Mike Tomlin = 49; Steelers = 31/49

If Mike Tomlin wins, number 95 will come 126-days before the upcoming Super Bowl.  Week 4 began Thursday, September 29, 2016, 129-days before the big game.  Ninety-Five = 129

As for 'Big Ben', he will be playing for his 116th regular season win.  Big Ben has the right gematria for Sunday Night Football.

'39' has always been a relevant number to SNF.  Notice the first SNF game on NBC was between the Colts and Giants, or '39' and '39'.

2/5/2012 = 2+5+20+12 = 39 (Super Bowl 46, in Indy, won by Giants)

On the opposite side of the ball is Chiefs coach Andy Reid, and QB Alex Smith, who has a '39' connection of his own.

Let us compare Smith's and Roethlisberger's records.

Big Ben is going for his 127th win, coming in with 126, 126-days before the Super Bowl, February 5, 2017.  It is also a total span of 127-days.

Alex Smith is trying to win number 73, and his 31st on the road.  If Smith does get the upset, remember he got #31, on the road, against the Steelers.

Notice Ben comes in with 172-regular season games played.

In the regular season, Big Ben is playing for win #116, and Alex, #71.

The coach of the Chiefs, Andy Reid, will be trying to earn his 34th win as the Chiefs coach, and his 164th win all-time.  He comes in with '33' wins, facing the team established in '33, the Steelers.  The Steelers play in Pennsylvania, the 'Keystone' State.  Keystone = 33

Andy Reid used to coach there, with the Eagles.  Eagles = 22/31/49; Steelers = 31/49

If Andy Reid loses, it will be loss #112.  Houston = 31/40/112

Between the QBs, coaches, and teams, the narrative favors the Steelers, who are favorites.  For the icebreaker, #84 with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Antonio Brown, has a favorable night lining up for him.

First, notice that this is the 84th season of the Steelers (same with Eagles).

For #84, this game comes 84-days after his birthday.

Notice that he has '40' career receiving TDs heading into this game.

If Antonio Brown were to catch 4 TDs, he would have '44'.  The divisors of '44' sum to '84'.

In his career he has never had more than 2 TD grabs in a game.  Bringing his total to '42' on this date, with '2 more grabs', would be symbolic, and I think it is likely.  Touchdown = 42; Freemason = 42

As for #84 for the Chiefs, who are not in their 84th year of existence, he doesn't get much action.  To date, he has one career TD.


  1. Even though my pics were garbage today I still was tracking my infamous Home Wins vs Home Loss ratio that I was tracking the first 3 weeks

    As of right now for Week 4 there are currently:

    6 Home Wins and 7 Home Loss

    If Steelers win tonight it will be 7 Home Wins 7 Home loss (77)

    With that being said I feel we will see 8 Home wins and 7 Home losses by tomorrow night and here is why...

    87 = Clinton in gematria

    Counting the number of days from tomorrow nights MNF to the election is 38 days total! This makes me think of March 8th the 67th day of the year, a number connected to women

    Well if you also look at just the home win home loss ratio for Saturday only (including a steelers win) it will be 6 Home Wins and 7 Home loss (67). The Bengals Home Win on Thursday makes it 7-7 going into Monday Night

    1. I cashed in on the Rams game strictly off of your pick list and the enticing odds. preciaite it!

    2. You're welcome man!! That is the game I cashed in on as well. I spent a total of 78$ (6$ a pick) on all 13 games and then once I saw my morning picks go way south I threw another 40$ on Rams before it started to "save my ass".. I ended with 100$+ more in profit after covering my initial $78 which makes me happy!!!

      I am so happy you benefited from it as well! Today was my worst pick day since I started however I still made money and didn't lose any which is always fun!

      Awesome JayHawk thanks for letting me know I hope we can nail more winnings (more than just a few) in week 5

    3. yessir!!! I was checking the score strictly through Google who was showing a highlight clip of 1:27 in length. 127, the 31st prime. Cali is the 31st state, Hoover is the 31st president and "the first student at Stanford". Hella Cali connections with the 31. I noticed this connection on my way home to Kansas for a funeral when I noticed the sign stating Eisenhower being the 34th president. he was raised in Kansas, the 34th state.

    4. Those are awesome connections! A lot of which I missed

      The major reason why I chose Rams was because "university of phoenix stadium" = 172, and if Rams won the game against Cardinals at their home it would bring the series record against Cardinals to 17-20 (172) and Then the Rams head Coach was currently sitting on 171 wins bringing himself to 172 in Phoenix today

      P.S Sorry to hear about your loss!

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  2. Hey Zach could the touchdown by Steelers #88 also the 8 points have anything to do with circles an cycles?

    1. Oh yes, that is like 888, increasing the power of eight in numerology terms.

  3. 2 TDs for Brown already, lol. I'm going to fall out of my chair if Pitt hits all key numbers 22, 33, and 44.

  4. Zachary - off topic , but was wondering if you'll be breaking down this heightened alert in so cal about an earthquake might come Tuesday? Expected magnitude over 7. Reason I ask is I live in so cal. Thanks buddy!

  5. Shiiiid he may get 4TDs way it's looking 5 lmao wat a joke

  6. Steelers have a Gay and COCKrell... These names lol