Sunday, October 2, 2016

NFL Week 4 Rigging Exposed | The week of the "13 31 ritual"

This game was a ritual to "13', just as last year, in Week 4, the Colts and Jags played in Week 4, and the game went to overtime, 13-13.  Last year, it was the first game Luck missed of his professional career.  Read more here:

Andrew Austen Luck = 57 (Luck is 27 years old)  (Luck had 27 attempts on the game)

Notice Luck lost 27-30,  a sum of 57 points.

Also, Blake Bortles had 33-attempts in his 33rd game.

Next game.

As predicted after the Colts loss, the '13' ritual was in effect for the AFC South.  This game was the former Houston team (The Titans) vs the current Houston team.

Texans are 3-1
Jaguars are 1-3
Colts are 1-3
Titans are 1-3

Again, the Houston Texans are hosting Super Bowl 51, the 47th of the modern era.

Houston Texans = 51; Conspiracy = 51
Notice the sum of 47

This was probably another tribute to Hank Stram as well, who founded the first Texans team, and died July 4, 2005, or 4/7.

The first Super Bowl was in the 47th season of the league.

I think we had a 'federal' tribute in DC, with the team from 'Ohio' losing to the Redskins, 31-20.  This is also the year of Super Bowl 51, hosted by the Houston Texans.

Houston = 31 (Sorry Redskins fans, don't get too excited)

Ohio = 47; Agent = 47; President = 47

Pete Carroll earned his 96th win all-time, against his original NFL team, the New York Jets.  Rex Ryan was once employed with the Jets for 96-games.

There is a parallel between '96' and '42'.

Seahawks = 24/33/42/51; Sixteen = 33/42

The divisors of '42' sum to '96'.

The NFL, it is a 'Freemason' game.

Notice the Bills shutout the Patriots, 16-0.  This was the 112th regular season game between them all-time.  Houston = 31/112

Notice the Patriots fell to 3-1, in the 112th game.  If the Patriots end up in Houston for Super Bowl 51, remember this game.

Bill Belichick, no doubt, will get his 227th win of his career next week against Cleveland, the team he began his NFL coaching career with.  That is why he lost this week.

He is currently 227-114 in the regular season

Bill Belichick = 97 (97th season of the NFL)

Winning the football game on October 9 in Ohio, the birthplace of football, will be very "right" by the numbers.  October 9, or 10/9...

Tom Brady will also return next week, against the Browns, a team which once caused a season ending injury to him.

Tom Brady's legal defense for Deflate Gate was Jeffrey Kessler, and next week he will face the Brown's Kessler, going 4-1:

Also, notice that the QB from New York had 39-attempts in the game, Tom Brady's current age.  Brissett lost with 187-net passing yards.

In regards to the '13' ritual in effect this week, it was the first time the Bills shutout the Patriots sine 1960, when they won 13-0.  It was also the first time the Patriots have been shutout since Week 13, 1993.  Another '93' tribute while Bill Belichick is at '226' wins.

Next game.

The "13" ritual continues!

Checkout Matty Ice's 503 passing yards!

Don't overlook the Panthers losing with 33 on the 33rd parallel either.

The last time they played in Atlanta, the Falcons won 20-13, ruining the Panthers perfect season in 2015.  Notice that was a sum of '33' as well.

This was the 43rd game all-time between the two teams.  The Falcons now lead the series 26-17.

Matt Ryan earned his 78th career win.  Cam Newton is stuck on 46, after losing in the 46th Super Bowl of the modern era, in Levi's Stadium.  Levi's Stadium = 46.

The Panthers only win this season, is against the 49ers, who hosted the 50th Super Bowl, the 46th of the modern era, Cam Newton's 46th win, won with 46-points.

Next game.

The 13-31 effect!

Notice the Raiders stole from from the Ravens in Baltimore.

The all-time record between both teams is now 6 wins Ravens, 3 wins Raiders.

The 13-31 ritual again!  Both teams 1-3, with a total of 31 points.

The Chicago Bears won their 97th game all-time against the Lions, in the 97th season of the NFL.  This one was in the numbers!

John Fox also earned the 126th win of his career, 126-days before the Super Bowl:


Notice the Rams won 17-13, for a total of 30 points.

This week is all about '13', and LA winning fits the picture.

In the future you might want to remember to bet LA in Week 4.

As predicted, the Saints and Drew Brees won against his old team, in the '13' ritual.  This prediction was easy to see after the Saints lost by 13 at home to the Falcons last week.

The ending of this game was very scripted in the Saints favor.

You have to appreciate this '13' ritual.  The final score summed to 41, the 13th prime number.  'Dallas' is another '13' location as well.

13!  31!  And notice number 13, the Broncos young starting QB, was injured after going 5/7.

Fifty-Seven = Super Bowl = Championship

Notice the 31 passing attempts from the Broncos.

Jameis Winston also had 179 passing yards, that is the 41st prime number.  41 is the 13th prime number.

As for the Broncos rookie QB Paxton Lynch, he is getting his first NFL action 233-days after his birthday.  233 is the 13th Fibonacci Number.  Get it?  Number 13 goes down, he comes in with a '13 tribute'.

2/12/1994 = 2+12+19+94 = 127 (Today is a span of 127-days until Super Bowl 51)
127 is the 31st prime number.... 13.... 31....

You have to like the distance of 33-weeks and 2-days as well.

Paxton James Lynch = 65/74/200
Paxton Lynch = 53/152

Trevor Siemian's birthday comes 85-days after this game, or a span of 86-days.  Notice he had 68-yards passing with a 9.7 / avg for the day.

'85' and '86' connect to NFL and Broncos.  '68' connects to 'Denver'.

Next game.