Saturday, October 22, 2016

32 33 44 57 131 223 | Bill Murray crashes White House press conference, October 21, 2016

What a day to misbehave in the President's house.

10/21/16 = 10+21+16 = 47 (President = 47) (Authority = 47) (Obey = 47)

The name Bill Murray has a connection to 'World Series'.

The name Murray also has a parallel to the CC, Chicago Cubs.  CC = 33

Bill Murray starred in Ground Hog's Day, the film about the 33rd day of the year, February Second.

The day of the incident, was a span of 32-days from Bill Murray's 66th birthday.  The Cubs are up 3-2, one game from the World Series, with as many as two to play in Chicago.

World Series = 57/66/75
America = 32; 7/4/1776 = 32

The word 'Curse' also has gematria of '66'.

The curse is connected to Billy Sianis, a name that has more than 'Bill' in common with 'Bill Murray'.

His last birthday was on a date with '46' numerology, the significant number to the Chicago Cubs.  Billy Sianis, who is connected to the Curse of the Billy Goat, died 46-years ago today.

9/21/2016 = 9+21+20+16 = 66
9/21/16 = 9+21+16 = 46 (Chicago) (Chicago Cubs)

Read about the death of Billy Sianis here:

The article linked above also talks about how Jacob Arrieta won the first no hitter of the season 46-days after his birthday, on the 112th day of the year, April 21, 2016 (his birthday is March 6).

No Hitter = 46; Chicago = 46; Chicago Cubs = 46

Notice the 4 weeks and 4 days.  The joke by Bill Murray was on Barack Obama, the 44th President, the Chicago White Sox fan.

Notice his full birth name, it connects to the 'Curse of the Billy Goat'.

Let us decode his birth numerology as well.

9/21/1950 = 9+21+19+50 = 99 (Thirteen) (Illinois)
9/21/1950 = 9+21+(1+9+5+0) = 45 (Thirteen) (Illinois) (Wrigley) (Cubs) (1945)
9/21/1950 = 9+2+1+1+9+5+0 = 27 (MLB)

Notice he was born in '50 as well.

Final point, the date Bill Murray hijacked the podium, was the day that leaves 71-days left in the year, it has been 71-years since the Cubs were in the World Series, 1945.

Bill Murray's prediction made it sound like the Cubs would win, with Kyle Hendricks pitching for the team to start the game.  Keep in mind we're in the time of the 44th President, that is about to transition to the 44th person to be President, also the 45th President.  (The 45th President will be the 44th Person to be President, Obama is #44, but the 43rd President, all the way back to Grover Cleveland, #24, who was also the 22nd President, messing up the count.)

If the Cubs do close out the series on October 22, 2016, it will be a date with numerology matching the name 'Barack Obama' in gematria.

10/22/2016 = 10+22+20+16 = 68