Saturday, October 22, 2016

16 106 | October 22, 2016, the 46-year anniversary of the death of Billy Sianis, "The Curse of the Billy Goat"

Today, Game 6 of the NLCS, Cubs vs Dodgers, is on the 46-year anniversary of the death of Billy Sianis.

10+22+19+70 = 121 (Revelation)
10+22+(1+9+7+0) = 49 (Revelation)
1+0+2+2+1+9+7+0 = 22
10/22/70 = 10+22+70 = 102 (United States of America)

Recall how Arrieta threw the first no hitter of the 2016 season on April 21, 2016, the 112th day of the year.  That was 46-days after his birthday.

Billy Sianis sounds a lot like 'Zionist'.

This is the 112th World Series.

Read yesterday's WSJ piece on the Cubs being the most Jewish team in baseball:

Notice the date of the incident was October 6, 1945.  Let us begin with 10/6, a lot like '106'.

Today, is the date of Game Six.

As for the year '45, that again connects to the Cubs, Illinois and Wrigley.

The anniversary of that date is 71-years and 16-days ago.  The 16-days stands in regards to this being the year 2016.

The Chicago Cubs, the CC, the 33.

Let us not forget the Cubs finished with a league best 103 wins this year, also connecting to 'Billy Goat', like "Curse of the Billy Goat".

Final point, the significance of the year of establishment for the Billy Goat Tavern, 1934.

Indians = 34

Checkout this shot from Major League, 1989.

34.... 16... ?